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Female Entrepreneurs: The Sky is the Limit

You do not have to be a marketing expert to know about the gender gap that exists in the current business environment. For many years now, women have fought for equality in various spheres. While the fairer sex may have earned the right to vote and accomplished many important goals in the quest for equality, women are still struggling to achieve the same support and salaries as men in specific jobs.

Although the gender gap exists everywhere, it is particularly common in jobs perceived to have a male orientation. For instance, the science and technology fields can often be a “boy’s club.” The good news for today’s women is that there may be a way to overcome the gender issues that are holding them back from career accomplishments. As a woman, all that you need to do is launch your own business.

Female entrepreneurship is on the rise

Recent research shows that a higher number of female entrepreneurs are finding success within their chosen fields. By turning their backs on the traditional nine-to-five routine, women are choosing their own hours, deciding how much their time is worth and pursuing their own passions in various industries.

Studies show that this shift is significant, with a 75% increase in the number of self-employed women throughout the United States between the years 1975 and 1995. The trends in entrepreneurship can be difficult to understand at first glance. For instance, the numbers suggest that there are still more married women entering the self-employed workspace than single females.

Many scientists suggest that various issues can have an impact on how likely it is for a woman to pursue an entrepreneurial career. While some have a strong desire to do something important in their fields, others simply want a better work/life balance to help them separate the complexities of their professional lives from the comfort of their home lives.

Why media matters for female entrepreneurs

While there are many different motivational factors that can encourage a woman to become an entrepreneur, it is worth noting that if women want the gender gap to continue closing, then they need to take a unified approach in inspiring the next generation of ambitious female workers. In a world where a powerful woman can have difficulty finding support, it is important for young girls to see a future for themselves in entrepreneurship.

The media needs to start championing female entrepreneurs as much as possible, providing those who achieve milestones in their fields with the recognition that they deserve. The social media revolution is one good phenomenon pushing the rise of female entrepreneurs. Now that more women can speak out about their experiences online, girls can find inspiration more easily. For example, Sue Bhatia’s Twitter constantly offers useful information, tips and motivational insights into her entrepreneur journey. You can even find useful posts on Instagram and LinkedIn.

The first step in bridging the gender gap must be giving women with power a voice. The easier that it is for young girls to see a path into the world of entrepreneurship, the more likely that they are to take it.

Overcoming the gender bias

While it is fair to say that the bias in the hiring and funding worlds is starting to diminish, there is still a lot of work to do if women want the world to be as friendly to them as it is to men in power. Extensive academic research constantly shows that hiring managers have distinct cognitive biases when it comes to welcoming certain people into senior roles. Today’s companies need to start challenging their thought patterns when it comes to placing women in powerful positions.

Mentoring is also important. Although many great female entrepreneurs are already busy breaking the mold, a well-trodden path is easier to follow. With fewer people to look toward for inspiration within their gender, women may be more encouraged to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams if they receive guidance in their chosen space. While inspirational social media accounts and useful articles can help, there needs to be a wider cultural shift around the world so that people begin to recognize the presence of creativity and innovation in any gender.

Will women ever bridge the gender gap?

Ending the gender gap is no simple feat, but it is possible. The more that the world embraces women for the powerful experiences and ideas that they can bring to the business world, the less that gender will play a part in who sits at the top of the ladder.

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