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Traces of communism hard to find

Prague was quick to get rid of reminders of the Soviet occupation, but some reminders remain Tourists seeking communist history of the Czech Republic may have a hard time finding remnants outside
August 2, 2014
Einstein Prague

Einstein in Prague

The Nobel Prize-winning physicist credits Prague with helping him develop one his key theories Albert Einstein, then aged 32, lived in Prague for 16 months from 1911–12, along with his wife and
July 22, 2014
Mozart estates in Prague

Tracing the steps of Mozart in Prague

The famed composer spent just a few months in the city but left a wide trail For all of the talk about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Prague, the composer actually spent very
July 5, 2014

So, HuffPo, which is it: Meh or must see?

Huffington Post names Prague Europe’s Prettiest City four days after calling it ‘meh’ It seems like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing at news portal Huffington Post.
May 12, 2014

Top 10 strangest statues in Prague

From ghosts to hoaxes, the city has some oddities in stone and metal Prague has more than its fair share of odd statues on public view. Some contemporary ones were designed to
March 29, 2014
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