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Septic System
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Should You Buy a Home with a Septic System?

Septic systems are more common than you think, but yet they still make some home buyers nervous. Homes that aren’t serviced by municipal sewer systems rely on septic tanks. While very common in rural areas, some urban and suburban homes also have septic systems. How Does a Septic System Work? Before making a decision on… Keep Reading

Home Repairs
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6 Home Repairs That Will Drain Your Bank Account

Home repairs are rarely cheap. Sure, you can DIY some things, but most major repairs require the help of a professional. Some repairs will cost a few hundred dollars. Others will cost thousands. Be careful, these six home repairs may drain your bank account: 1. Foundation Issues A home’s foundation is one of its most… Keep Reading

Home Maintenance
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How To Protect Your Home Against The Weather

Being a landlocked country, the Czech Republic is no stranger to repetitive climate patterns, and this makes predicting weather conditions in advance a whole lot easier for homeowners. Located in the Northern hemisphere in the heart of Europe, Prague is impacted by weather patterns from Siberia and the Atlantic, with fluctuating temperature and heavy precipitation… Keep Reading

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