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May 5, 2019

Different Types of Drains and How to Repair Them

What Type Is Your Drainage System?

When it comes to drain repair, it is vital to understand the type of drainage system you have. This helps you to know the best way to repair when it breaks down or when you want to replace it. Generally, homeowners use one or more of these drains to deal with rainwater.

There are runoff water drains, subsurface drainage system, foundation drains and catch basins. To give you the necessary insights into these four main types of drains, we have explained each in this guide. You will understand how each function and what you need when it comes to drain repair in Toronto.

1. Runoff Drains

These drains are constructed to collect water coming from the roof and direct it to areas where it will not affect the structures within. It is basically a collection of pipes constructed along the roof edges also called gutter, that collects rainwater and directs it to the pipes that take the water to areas far away from home.

Constructing runoff drains in your basement region ensures that the basement always remains dry. Also, remember that the foundations of the home can be affected by rainwater that falls and sinks near them. Directing water away prevents the buildup of moisture at the base of the walls that provides necessary conditions for fungus growth. You don’t need to maintain these systems unless there is significant damage.

2. Subsurface Drainage Systems

Also called “French drains,” they are constructed underground into walkways and also gardens to prevent erosion as a result of flooded water. The drainage system involves perforated pipes that are laid underground. Gravel is put on them then the soil. The water from the gravel flows through the gravel where it is filtered before entering into the pipes.

The limitation of these drains is that they need constant maintenance and you have to replace the pipes yearly. As such, you will need drain services to maintain them effectively throughout.

3. Catch Basins

These form an integral part of outdoor drainage systems. They are usually found at the base of the sloppy corners and are constructed with graves that prevent large debris from entering them. Subsurface drains and runoff drains end into them. However, as compared to French drains, these don’t need a lot of maintenance, so you will not often require drain repair if you live in Toronto.

4. Foundation Drains

Mostly found in our homes, they are undoubtedly the most essential type of drains. If rainwater accumulates on near the house foundation, it can erode the soil near it and affect the structural stability of your house, that is why they operate independently and don’t share drainage with any other system. You may need drain services in case there are dare issues with this kind of drainage.

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