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5 Easy Ways to Raise Money for Your Teen’s High School Sports Team

Ohio University has an eye-opening report on a trend that’s familiar to millions of parents across the United States: Out-of-pocket high school athletics costs are increasing rapidly. If you’re committed to doing your part to helping your kids realize their athletic dreams, you need to put your money where your mouth is. (Or, more accurately,… Keep Reading

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Advantages of Massage for Coping with Injury

Massage for sports injuries is a popular method of rehabilitation. It is an extremely effective way of speeding up the recovery process. Injuries resulting from athletic training or sports can be taken care of with the help of massage therapy. Many times, massage therapies are able to prevent re-injury and help the athlete or sportsperson… Keep Reading

Aztec Rapido tent-3
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Aztec Rapido Lightweight Backpacker Tent Review

It is a subject that is much discussed among camping enthusiasts: whether to buy a single-skin or a double-skin tent. There is a reason why most tents have an additional layer beneath the outer flysheet: it reduces the effects of condensation. Tent flysheets are typically not breathable, so moisture that escapes from the body at… Keep Reading

A sleeping bag fills the bag, so there is little extra room for a rucksack.
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Highlander Hawk Bivy Bag Review

When it comes to immersing yourself in nature, perhaps the best way to do it is to sleep than under the stars in a bivy bag. These waterproof sleeping bag covers are a lightweight alternative to a tent, and they offer the chance to enjoy a view of the night sky in a way that… Keep Reading

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Lee Chimerakis: How Bike Tours Irrevocably Change One’s Worldview

It’s quite common that the onset of a new decade in one’s life inspires a desire for change, for new experiences that broaden one’s perspective and feel worthy of an investment of time, one of the life’s greatest and most preciously limited commodities. For Lee Chimerakis, saying goodbye to his 50s and hello to his… Keep Reading

Tips For Cyclists
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Ride Safe: 4 Tips For Cyclists

Safer Cycling: 4 Tips For Street Safety Bicycling is an excellent way to get around. It’s environmentally friendly, efficient, and good for your physical health. Add the high cost of car ownership to that list of positives, and it makes sense that more and more Americans are cycling on a daily basis than ever. Unfortunately,… Keep Reading

sneaker bot
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How Does a Sneaker Bot Help in Getting Your Dream Sneakers?

Have you ever come across a pair of sneakers you’d badly want to own? Has that ever happened when the same sneakers are sold out before you can visit their website to purchase them online? The new era of technology has made it possible for you to get hands on your dream sneakers. The technology… Keep Reading

Czechs to teach Chinese ice hockey
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Czechs to teach Chinese ice hockey

Chinese team needs to rise rapidly if it is to compete in Olympics Prague, Nov 23 (ČTK) — Chinese sports officials have asked their Czech counterparts to teach Chinese ice hockey and biathlon for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, daily Mladá fronta Dnes (MfD) writes today. “Chinese are a nation that wants to be successful,”… Keep Reading

slavia praha
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Chinese firm CEFC buys majority stake in Slavia Praha

Shanghai’s largest private company vows to return football club to top ranking Shanghai-based CEFC China Energy Company Limited has acquired a 59.97 percent stake in Czech football club SK Slavia Praha, according to a CEFC press release. The price was not disclosed. Fly Sport, a company owned by businessman Jiří Šimáně, has a 39.97 stake… Keep Reading

seven summits
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Czech climber conquers all 8,000 meter peaks

Radek Jaroš reaches the top of K2, world’s toughest mountain K2, Pakistan, July 26 (ČTK) — Czech climber Radek Jaroš ascended the world’s second highest peak, K2, and became the 15th person who have conquered all world mountains more than 8,000 meters high without oxygen, Czech Radiozurnal radio station has reported. Jaroš, 50, succeeded at… Keep Reading

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