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The Most Popular Motor Racing Leagues For Sports Betting

May 17, 2021

Motor racing has always been a big deal when it comes to betting because of the many leagues available and the favorable and predictable odds. Automakers love to blow their horns about racing wins, their sponsorships, and highly competitive series. For a long time, car racing has been more than just watching cars race and evolved into a big moneymaker for fans worldwide. Visit for more information on the most popular racing leagues for sports betting.

1. Open-Wheel League

This is the number one league that people often think about whenever car racing is brought up. It is the pinnacle of this sport because it engulfs Formula One (F1) and IndyCar, the world’s biggest series. As the name suggests, in this league, the racing cars have drivers driving open-top vehicles with exposed wheels. As much as the cars may look similar in F1 and IndyCar, the racing series has distinctly different rules, tracks, guidelines, and performance. This translates to different betting rules and odds as well.

2. Formula E

Formula E is a new racing league in this category and is also a form of open-top racing. Unlike other racing leagues, it is strictly for electric vehicles. This series’ downside is that It is not as long as F1 because modern EV technology isn’t available for electric cars racing for several hours such as IndyCar and F1 racers. These races re-shot live as they only last an hour, with drivers having to make pit stops to switch into another car. This means that you can bet on different phases of the race. Betting on this league is still quite young, and it doesn’t have many fans like the F1 and IndyCar.

3. Sports Car Leagues

This racing league is arguably the one with the most fans and the best betting odds. It has the most recognizable vehicle brands that fans like, and most manufacturers competitively fight for the Grand Touring level. The cars in this league resemble supercars and represent prestigious car brands such as Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan, Nissan GT-R, Chevrolet Corvette, and Porsche 911. This series also has the prototype class, non-production race cars with high-performance engines, revolutionary bodyworks, and creative designs. Here, the length of the races ranges anywhere between 2.5 and 24 hours, making it easy to bet on live races and add bets to your cart before the race ends. All this translates to better odds and higher wins.

4. GT League

This motorsport league is split into two depending on the racecar class, GTE Am and GTE Pro. The two groups are divided in that professional drivers perform in the GTE Pro series, while amateur racers drive the GTE Am ones.

Additionally, the prototype category is split into two classes: LMP 1 and 2. The former includes non-electrified and hybrid cars, while the latter s incorporated with Gibson 4.2-liter V8 engines which make the weight a little more than the other class. This provides four different categories to bet on, depending on the odds and your specificities.

5. Touring Car League

Touring cars are also part of the motorsport racing games, attracting handsome odds for those who know the league well. Unfortunately, it is primarily famous in the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands. The cars involved here are based on their roadworthiness and vehicles produced for long rides and strong engines that have been heavily modified. This gives more room to wiggle your custom bet on the cars to stand a chance at the high winning potential.

Racing games can vary from short distance races, often called sprints, to the more enduring 3-hour races for the heavy engines. The championships to best bet on include British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), Supercars Championship (SC), Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), and World Touring Car Cup (WTCC). With all these championships available, it is up to you to choose what bet to place.

Final thoughts

Motorsport has grown in popularity lately, and the sport continues to attract new fans every day. The ease of betting on auto races via online betting sites is among the most significant contributors to this growth. Now, many people are getting paid by watching and betting on their favorite cars and leagues.

Few sports can claim the masses like motorsport consider the wide variety and leagues available, each being the ideal league for online gamblers. When the subject switches to the thrill of the sports, F1 racing and GT league has a big following by providing incredible thrill and odds to the gambling community. You might not realize it, but you can parlay that same knowledge into profit with motor racing betting online if you know a bit of the sport and have someone to show you around the betting websites and how to sign up an online betting account. Visit for more information on the most popular racing leagues for sports betting.

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