Building loans lower than last year

Overall value of loans dropping, new contracts on savings is up Add a comment

Big Chinese deal includes Moser distribution, J&T stake

China’s CEFC wants to invest up to 19 billion Kč in ČR Add a comment

Could falling oil prices spark a financial crisis?

‘The junk bond market may begin to shun risky drilling companies, cutting off access to capital’ Add a comment

A friend in need … won’t pay back

Právo: Loans for relatives make up over one-quarter of Czech unpaid debts Add a comment

You can spend less

Simple And Effective Tips That Anyone Can Use To Save Money Add a comment

Majority stake sold in AAA Auto

Transaction approved by antimonopoly bodies in all countries affected Add a comment

EC adopts transparency regulation

Reforms are aimed at reassuring retail investors Add a comment

Central bank issues Velvet Revolution coin

Special coins commemorating tumultuous events of 1989 bear Czech, Slovak symbols Add a comment

Warsaw looks to be CEE financial capital

Warsaw Capital Market Summit 2014 brought international finance experts together Add a comment

Bakala tops list of unpopular billionaires

Týden: Czechs believe billionaires gained wealth by unfair methods Add a comment

Goldman Sachs: Rate of recovery shouldn't worry us

Weakness in euro area is still affecting the rest of Europe, while other areas are stronger Add a comment

WSE head: No merger with Vienna

The Warsaw Stock Exchange will concentrate on organic growth Add a comment

Business investment rates stable

Eurostat figures show little change from the first quarter Add a comment

Expert: Dollar to reach parity with euro

Downward trend of the past set to change; recent rises are ‘only the beginning’ Add a comment

WCMS Awards highlight CEE region

Warsaw Capital Market Summit 2014 Awards go to those who strengthened investments in Central Europe Add a comment

Big payoff for micro-financing initiative

European Progress Microfinance Facility has given out loans totaling tens of millions of euros to entrepreneurs Add a comment

EBA and ECB to increase cooperation

One of central goals of partnership is to ensure safety of retail payments in Europe Add a comment

ECB finds shortfalls at 25 banks

Rigorous exercise is milestone for the Single Supervisory Mechanism starting in November Add a comment

ECB Bank assessment results due soon

Results should show how far EU banks have come in cleaning up balance sheets Add a comment

Report: Three countries to apply ‘bail-in’ rules early

New directive shifts risk from taxpayers to shareholders and bondholders Add a comment

One more step toward a better Europe

Chair of the supervisory board of the Single Supervisory Mechanism explains the need to improve banking supervision Add a comment

None of accused in Oleo Chemical case remanded in custody

State attorney wanted to hold five of the 10 accused of financial crimes Add a comment

Police release accused lobbyist Rittig

Five people remain in custody in asset stripping case Add a comment

Petr Kellner remains richest Czech

Finance Minister Babiš comes in second on Forbes's billionaire list Add a comment

Czech Police charge 10 people with money laundering

Case involves moving from Oleo Chemical to cover its origins Add a comment

Tax avoidance under scrutiny

EU commissioner pleased with OECD initiatives on tax policy Add a comment

Standard & Poor's affirms ČEB rating at AA-

Despite raid earlier this year, export bank gets solid rating from internationally respected agency Add a comment

Warsaw Capital Market Summit 2014 coming in October

Goldman Sachs strategist Peter Oppenheimer to speak at the Warsaw Capital Market Summit 2014 conference Add a comment

Fitch: ECB policy won’t kick start lending

Southern European banks will take advantage of TLTRO policy, but lending will be subdued Add a comment

Private equity fund leaves Czech antivirus firm

Enterprise Investors finalizes exit from AVG Technologies Add a comment