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Price of Gold Dropped Amid Dollar Resurgence

The price of gold fell significantly last week thanks to a stronger dollar and rising stocks prices. The longs have pulled back for now, with the price going through a key support level. Investors might have a wait-and-see approach before entering the gold market. You can check the current gold rates in Dubai on… Keep Reading

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Advice For Setting Up A New Business

When you have run a business for many years, and you are planning on setting up a new business, there are so many aspects to consider, and sometimes the small things can be overlooked. The chances are you will complete your business plan and if you require a business loan, submit this to your bank.… Keep Reading

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Can SMEs Survive Brexit?

It is impossible to ignore the topic of Brexit right now as it is an incredibly important process which will impact so many areas of life for those not only in the UK but also overseas. There remains a great deal of uncertainty over what will happen whether this is a no deal Brexit, Brexit… Keep Reading

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B2B Lead Generation Strategies for Business Developers in 2019

Over the years, we have seen a steady fall in the traditional marketing approaches such as speaking engagements, networking, and public relationships and a boost in digital marketing strategies. Mainly because of the higher return in investment. Of late, B2B lead generation has become the lifeblood of businesses all over the world. In a highly… Keep Reading

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How to Avoid a Bad Credit Rating

A bad credit rating is to be avoided at all costs. It’s the status someone attains when they spend beyond their means and generally prove themselves poor at managing their own money. Subsequently, banks and other lenders are then notified by the rating that they shouldn’t offer loans or financial aid to these individuals. While… Keep Reading

Renewable Energy
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Is Investing in the Global Renewable Energy Sector in 2019 a Good Idea?

The world is going green, everyone says. For businesses, this often means using more environment-friendly ways of doing business. From the perspective of an investor, going green may mean impact investing, that is making investments in schemes that aim to make a positive impact on the environment. Investing in renewable or alternative energy has become… Keep Reading

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Exploring 5 Factors that Affect the WACC of Your Business

The weighted average cost of a business refers to the different types of financial resources that the company deals with. The sum that is the WACC is calculated by adding up the total capital and reducing the axes involved with each financial resource. These sources may include retained earnings, stock, debt as well as equity.… Keep Reading

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10 Facts about IVA’s

If you’re thinking about an IVA, then you’ll naturally have lots of questions about what’s involved. In this article we explore 10 key facts about IVA’s: 1. An Individual Voluntary Arrangement has a fixed term. An IVA will usually last for 5 years. This means that you’ll simply make 60 monthly repayments to your chosen… Keep Reading

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How an Employee Engagement App Improves Internal Communications

An Employee engagement app is your best deal to improve internal communications at your workplace. These apps have transformed the way for communications. Such apps have encouraged employees to participate more and engage with their fellow peers productively. With technology, these apps are made so powerful, and they have such a great interface that even… Keep Reading

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