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December 19, 2018

Smart Home Technology Meets In-Home Health Care in the UAE

The Dubai Health Authority recently began a new program that would allow aging, sick, incapacitated and healthy residents alike to receive in-home health care using smart home technology.

The initiative was spearheaded by H.E. Humaid Al Qatami, Director General of DHA, and the mission is to provide home care team members with the ability to reach doctors for consultation instantly via in-home touchscreen panels and smart devices.

The addition of an instant consultation eliminates lengthy wait times that can take up to two weeks to meet with a specialist.

Through this initiative, patients will receive quality home care that includes real-time data reporting using secure web servers connected to revolutionary wireless devices. Consultations and home visits can be updated into Salama, the DHA’s electronic health record system, as they occur.

The DHA’s goal is to provide a simpler method of treating patients that reduces stress as part of a long-term revamp between 2016 and 2021.

Wireless devices used in the program include blood pressure armbands, non-contact thermometers and other futuristic medical gear that sends back data to the server after reading patient vitals.

Connected electrocardiogram devices, glucose monitors and wireless stethoscopes are also part of the medical lineup.

This kind of medical treatment is having a positive impact on both patient satisfaction, the effectiveness of medical providers and data management. The initiative is next generation and not in use by many first world nations, and it is expected to expand to other emirates as the technology becomes available.

H.E. Humaid Al Qatami stated that the overall expectation of this smart home integration is to ensure and maintain a healthy society where everyone has access to medical treatment with fewer wait times from the comfort of their homes.

Around the world, this is seen as a major convenience for expat residents looking to make real estate investments in the UAE for long-term residency and even retirement. As younger generations grow into their investments, they’ll have peace of mind knowing their healthcare will be accessible and they can receive basic treatment within their comfort parameters.

The integration of smart medical devices is also reducing the paper trail in the health industry. Before the innovation, medical records were input by hand using paper by nurses examining patients. Now, medical providers will have more time to interact with their patients while reducing data errors and not spending valuable time on manual data entry.

Real-time readings are also expected to increase compliance with medical documentation requirements. The process is simpler and reduces possible human error, especially for patients who are under the care of multiple clinicians and specialists.

Smart home technology is rapidly expanding in the UAE meeting the demands of both younger and older generations in many ways, ranging from home connectivity to monitoring services and now even home health accessibility.

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