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Ukrainians rail against Russia-loving Klaus

Former president comes under fire, Ukrainian academic labels his words as ‘drivel addressed to fools’ Prague, July 14 (ČTK) — Ukrainian observers have criticized former Czech President Václav Klaus (2003–13) for sharing opinions with what they call the controversial pro-Russian American Institute in Ukraine (AIU), daily Hospodářské noviny (HN) writes today. A round table debate… Keep Reading

Statue of Assassin Gavrillo Princip
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Assassin Gavrilo Princip gets a statue in Sarajevo

The man whose shot started World War I is honored in bronze A bronze statue of the man who assassinated Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was unveiled in Sarajevo a day ahead on the 100th anniversary of the event. Gavrilo Princip, who some people regard as a national hero, shot both the archduke and his wife,… Keep Reading

gas pipeline
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Slovakia, Ukraine fail to agree on gas supply to Ukraine

Legal issues on which pipeline to use are stalling agreement Bratislava/ Veľké Kapušany, April 15 (ČTK) — Slovak and Ukrainian government officials failed to agree on the launch of reverse supplies of natural gas from Slovakia to Ukraine at a meeting, Slovak Ministry of Economy spokesman Stanislav Jurikovič confirmed to ČTK. The talks on signing… Keep Reading

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Barack Obama’s speech in Prague, five years on

U.S. president drew some 20,000 to hear him speak at Prague Castle in 2009 Tomorrow, five years ago, then–newly inaugurated U.S. President Barack Obama spoke on Hradčany Square in front of Prague Castle, where he laid out his vision of a world without nuclear weapons to a crowd of some 20,000. On April 5, 2009,… Keep Reading

Andrej Kiska
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Andrej Kiska elected president of Slovakia

Philanthropist trounces opponent Robert Fico, who has conceded defeat Two hours after the polls had closed, with some 50 percent of the votes counted in this second round of the direct presidential election, it was clear philanthropist and businessman Andrej Kiska (unaffiliated) would be the next president of Slovakia. Kiska was leading comfortably with 60… Keep Reading

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Bill to honor Havel passes in US House of Representatives

A bust of the former Czech president would be displayed in the Capitol Washington, D.C. – The House of Representatives unanimously passed H. Res. 506, a bipartisan resolution authored by Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which honors the life and legacy of Václav Havel, former President of the Czech… Keep Reading

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Three killed as violence in Ukraine continues

Renewed clashes between Ukraine police and protesters after three killed There were further clashes between police and anti-government protesters in Kiev today, after three people were killed overnight in the latest outbreak of violence. As reports described the center of the Ukrainian capital as having become a battle zone, the government was defiant in the… Keep Reading

love trains
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‘Love trains’ ready to roll

Designated singles-only metro wagons are intended to boost ridership “Are you alone? Would you like to meet someone? Then always ride in the middle car. Look around, and if you’re being nice look at him. Do not be afraid to smile.” That is one message Prague City Hall and its Transport Authority are proposing for… Keep Reading

Lou Reed
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Lou Reed dead at 71

Seminal New York rocker had ties to Havel and Czechoslovakia Rock star Lou Reed is dead at 71. He had a liver transplant in May, and had been in poor health. The founding member of the Velvet Underground had several connections to former Czechoslovakia. His band was brought to fame in the late 1960s by… Keep Reading

Controversial artist David Cerny
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Černý flips bird at Czech prez

Bad-boy artist places 10-meter tall rude gesture in view of Prague Castle Controversial artist David Černý is giving Prague Castle the finger. His latest installation is a purple hand sitting on a barge in the Vltava River near the National Theater. The 10-meter tall hand’s oversized middle finger is unmistakably giving an impolite international sign… Keep Reading

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