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President Václav Klaus
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Klaus may be final roadblock for Lisbon

As the Irish are set to approve the treaty, Europe looks to a still-defiant president While the eyes of Europe are on Ireland, which votes on the Lisbon Treaty Oct. 2, the glares are increasingly directed at Prague. A group of senators from the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) filed a challenge to Lisbon Sept. 29… Keep Reading

Taxi ruling could take years
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Taxi ruling could take years

Case centers on firm charging three times the recommended rate A long-running dispute over higher taxi fares has gone to the courts, but it could take up to two years before a verdict is delivered. The case centers around a taxi company charging three times the regulated maximum fare of 28 Kč ($1.60) per kilometer.… Keep Reading

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Crime reports lack conviction

Emphasis on foreigners but statistics in short supply Two recent government crime reports paint contradictory pictures of illegal activity in the Czech Republic, pointing to both the general difficulties of accurately gauging crime and differing concerns between prosecutors and police. Some say the emphasis on crimes committed by foreigners in one of the reports plays… Keep Reading

gambling terminals
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State slammed over rise in hernas

City authorities lose out in battle to prevent licenses for online gambling at bars City officials in Litvínov, north Bohemia, are dismayed over gambling parlors, or hernas, mushrooming along their streets, and are pointing the finger at the Finance Ministry for issuing licenses despite their objections. Litvínov officials recently made headlines for striking a “breakthrough… Keep Reading

Jirina Novakova
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Jewish families fight for lost property

Upcoming Holocaust conference overlooks individual claims, observers say When Sigmund Waldes co-founded the Koh-i-noor factory in 1902 along with his brother Jindřich, he couldn’t have envisioned that his enterprise – which produces buttons, zippers, cufflinks and other functional clothing accessories, with branches in Paris, Brussels, Barcelona and New York among other cities – would keep… Keep Reading

Roma people
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Roma family recounts arsonist attack

Parents face hostile community as 2-year-old daughter recovers from severe burns Vítkov, north Moravia A Molotov cocktail smashed through the window, then another, spreading flames and bits of broken glass across the foam mattress where Anna Sivaková slept with her husband and their 2-year-old daughter. The burning liquid splashed over Sivaková’s arm, as she was… Keep Reading

Ambassador Yaakov Levy
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Israel rep speaks on Gaza

Ambassador shares views on Hamas, Obama, EU diplomacy Levy denies Red Cross claims that Israel blocked access to humanitarian aid in afflicted areas of Gaza. On Dec. 27, 2008, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched an offensive in response to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. A ground invasion followed. The Palestinian Centre for Human… Keep Reading

Foreign Affairs Minister Karel Schwarzenberg
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Kosovo autonomy dispute rages

Serbians view Czech recognition as a ‘betrayal’ of history One month after the Cabinet sauntered off to the north Bohemian town of Teplice to formally recognize the independence of Kosovo in an “extraordinary meeting,” the decision continues to fulminate among local pundits. Emotional tirades interwove with constructive criticism in a June 18 panel discussion that… Keep Reading

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Activists forced out of ‘Peaceland’

Radar protesters held by police after forming an independent state Greenpeace activists who declared an independent state called Peaceland at the site of the planned U.S. radar base at the Brdy military area were detained June 9 when military police cleared the area of their encampment. By press time, five demonstrators had been taken to… Keep Reading

Tibetan flag
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Chinese officials demand apology

Embassy says ministry support of Tibet could harm country relations Recent displays of the Tibetan flag have led to unexpected complications. In order to commemorate the 1959 Tibetan uprising and draw attention to human rights violations there, the Green Party displayed the Tibetan flag in the windows of Parliament as well as the Education and… Keep Reading

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