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Poll shows post-89 dissatisfaction

Most Czechs and Slovaks dissatisfied with post-Communism

Prague, Nov 16 (ČTK) — The post-Communist developments since 1989 have not met the expectations of 54 percent of Czechs and 70 percent of Slovaks, according to a poll conducted by the Median polling institute for Czech Television and Slovak Television and Radio and released today.

The poll was conducted among people who were at least 15 when the Communist regime was ousted.

People in both countries are mainly disappointed over social uncertainty, unemployment, poverty and also politics and quality of democracy.

The post-Communist developments fulfilled the expectations of 27 percent of Czechs, while 4 percent of them said they were better than their expectations.

In Slovakia. 22 percent said their expectations had been met and 1 percent said the situation was even better.

An October poll of the CVVM institute showed a bigger satisfaction with post-Communism. In it, two-thirds of Czechs and 58 percent of Slovaks said the social change in 1989 was worth the efforts.

The poll carried out by Median has revealed that town residents, people with income over 20,000 Kč a month and with higher education tend to be more optimistic than the rest.

Leftist voters or those who do not come to the polling stations tend to be less optimistic in the Czech Republic.

In Slovakia, economically active people and those earning at least €800 a month are rather satisfied with the post-Communist developments.

Some 36 percent of Czechs and almost one-half of Slovaks said social uncertainty and employment were the reasons for their disappointment.

One-fifth of Czechs and 19 percent of Slovaks agree with the view that the situation has worsened since 1989.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,207 in the Czech Republic on Oct. 18-26 and on 1,000 people in Slovakia between Oct. 22 and Nov. 1.

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