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March 20, 2019

Wardrobe for a Weekend Getaway

There is an awful lot to think about when planning your well-deserved weekend getaway. Deciding where to go, how to get there, and what to do are all important aspects of your trip that should be planned accurately to ensure that you can enjoy every second. What to pack and how to pack are just as important to think about, to get the most out of your weekend getaway. While you will surely want to pack light, you will also need versatile outfits that are stylish yet casual, so you don’t have to carry around too much luggage.

Traveling light and looking stylish on a weekend getaway is much simpler than you might think. Here are a few fantastic tips on how to pack a versatile, stylish wardrobe for your exciting weekend away.

Opt for Three Coordinating Colors When Packing

First of all, it would be a great idea to choose three coordinating colors of items so that all your outfits will match. This will enable you to mix and match clothing pieces and create more outfits with fewer pieces, helping you to pack much less. You could choose the three colors based on where you are going, for example, color combinations of black, white, and navy would be ideal for a weekend away in Paris and colors such as white, orange, and yellow would be well suited for a weekend getaway at the beach.

Choose Versatile Clothing Pieces

Certain types of fabric can also prove to be more versatile, such as white or black linen pieces because the natural fabric is cool in warmer weather. It’s suitable to wear casually in the day, yet can also be dressed up with accessories and worn for an evening out to dinner. Packing in a good pair of jeans, a t-shirt or two, a button down shirt, and a smart jacket can offer an unbelievably versatile wardrobe as each piece can be worn at least twice. Be sure to pack clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched to be worn at least twice. Otherwise, you will be wasting space.

Accessories Are Important

It is essential that you accessorize your outfits because this adds personality to what you are wearing. You should always pack in a few items of costume jewelry that emphasizes your outfit choices the right way, to avoid looking boring in a plain t-shirt and jeans, you can look amazing by simply adding a pair of oversized earrings, a few bold bangles, and a simple pendant necklace. Make-up is also important to pack, and opting for a few essential make-up products such as foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick can be packed in a small purse bag that can also double as an evening bag, saving you quite a bit of space.

3 Pairs of Shoes is More Than Enough

For a weekend getaway, you shouldn’t need more than 3 pairs of shoes, although, you can actually get by with only 2 pairs of shoes. Ideally, packing a pair of sneakers, a daytime casual shoe such as sandals, boots, or pumps, and one pair of heels will prove to be more than enough shoes for a weekend away. Because shoes can take up a noticeably large amount of space, packing only what you need is vital to ensure that you can travel light and get all of your outfits in. Opt for shoes that match well with your clothing pieces and remember to stick to 3 coordinating colors as with your clothing pieces so that your shoes can be matched to all your outfits easily.

Pack One Fancy Outfit

It is a great idea to pack in just one dressy outfit for an evening dinner or event that you may need to look your best for. Avoid going for bulky evening dresses and heavy jackets and rather opt for simple elegance by packing in a slip dress that can be dressed up with accessories and high-heels. This will prevent added luggage from carting around, yet you will still be able to dress up for the occasion.

Travel In Comfort

Because exercise clothes are actually becoming quite fashionable, you can travel in comfort and still look great if you decide to travel in a gyming outfit. This will also help you save space because this outfit can easily be squashed into any sized bag. A pair of leggings, long or short sleeve shirt and a simple coat can provide maximum comfort for the duration of your trip.

How Many Bags Are Enough For a Weekend Getaway?

If you have packed right and opted for a versatile weekend wardrobe with minimal shoes and bold, accessories, you should only need one luggage bag. You may be able to fit your make up into your everyday handbag, or it can even be packed into your luggage bag. Be sure to fold your clothing pieces properly and pack neatly to avoid wasting space. By taking into account that how you pack is just as important as what you pack, you will be able to travel light with only one luggage bag that contains everything you will need for a relaxing weekend getaway.

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