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U.S. Visa
December 12, 2017

Using Esta Visa and Entry Into Certain Countries

Millions of people want to visit the USA every year to see a variety of destinations like theme parks, national parks or big cities. Esta USA is a program that allows you an unlimited number of entries into the US for 2 years or until your passport has expired. This is perfect for the businesspeople or person who has a home in the US. The following are tips for entry into countries as well as travel tips overall.

Bringing Certain Items

There are items that you can have in some countries that are illegal in other countries. Alcohol is the best example. In the Middle East, you can be arrested for drinking or even possessing alcohol. Other countries like Australia is very strict on the type of animals and plants that can be brought into the country. This practice helped reduce the introduction of invasive species and thus have helped save numerous ecosystems. Heavy fines are imposed on the people who make a false statement when declaring what they are bringing in.

Just Don’t Go There

There are places around the globe that as an American it just is not safe to go to. If you do end up going to one of these places, it is essential to have your own personal security there. The perfect example of a former tourist destination that had very few problems in the past is Egypt. Due to political well as economic and social instability, it probably is a trip you should skip. Do not travel to a foreign country looking to be a thrill seeker as in some places, you could be kidnapped or executed. This is not the thrill you are looking for, go skydiving instead as you probably will have a better chance of surviving than if you ended up somewhere late at night alone.

If Arrested, Call The Embassy

People make mistakes all of the time, but some countries will not allow your access due to crimes you committed. Most of these crimes would be sex crimes or other violent acts. Canada has one of the most extreme customs as they can turn people away for a DUI which is a fine in some countries. If you have had a DUI in the US and needed to travel to Canada, you have to hire an immigration lawyer. This can cost quite a bit of money depending on what crime you are being convicted of while trying to enter Canada. If you have a case pending against you in criminal courts, Canada will call and validate that these things are closed before allowing you to enter. Too many people tried to flee to Canada, so they do not want to be a safe haven for criminals hiding from their penalties.

As you can see, there is plenty to think about when traveling abroad. If you plan to visit the US, then Esta Visa is the program that will make this the easiest as everyone knows it is stressful to travel domestically and this stress multiplies when the trip is international.

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