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March 18, 2019

Change In Culture: A UK Immigration Perspective

Moving to the UK might just be the start of an amazing new adventure for those who are looking to relocate. The chance to start afresh and experience everything that the UK has to offer is a huge draw for those who move here from overseas. The UK has a great mix of opportunity, quality of life and entertainment that makes it a natural draw for those who are looking to move to a new country. Whatever your reason for relocation, the UK is a unique place to live, and this guide is meant to help those who have moved, or are about to move, to the UK to make some of the adjustment that will be needed.

Of course, we cannot profess to be able to answer all of your UK based queries in one post, but this article should at least start to point you in the right direction as far as fashion is concerned in the UK. This guide should ideally help make your transition to life in the UK as easy as possible, at least as far as what you wear is concerned.

Changeable Weather

Let’s face it, there may be many reasons for moving to the UK, but the weather is not one of them. The UK is world renowned for having weather that is less than ideal. For those from the tropics, a stiff British winter may be significantly colder than you expect. While Britain has something of an undeserved reputation for poor weather, the truth in practice is that the UK does not actually suffer from massive extremes of weather. In the winter it is rare for the UK to slip into significant minus celsius temperature numbers. Likewise, in the summer it is very rare for temperatures to exceed 30 degrees Celsius. In short, for the majority of people, British weather could be described as temperate. This is good news for many who come from equally temperate climes, but for those from the tropics, British weather may take some getting used to.

One factor you need to take into account is the rain. While Britain does not have a rainy season like many tropical countries do, rain is not uncommon in the UK in any season. If you are planning to migrate to the UK on a spouse visa or any other family related visa, it is always advisable to ask your sponsor about the weather in the part of the UK you’d be residing. While the UK has a rough reputation as far as rain is concerned, in general, it really isn’t that bad. But if you are a new arrival in the UK, we would certainly suggest that one of your first items to buy would be a decent raincoat!

Change In Fashion

As we alluded to earlier, British weather can be changeable. This can certainly be an issue for those who come from warmer countries who may be used to being able to wear t-shirts and shorts all year round. Well, t-shirts and shorts are certainly normal in the summer in the UK, but in the winter they are a rare sight. Depending on the season, you may need a change of wardrobe when you arrive in the UK. This is very likely to be the case if you move to the UK in winter and are from a tropical climate. Where you may be used to year-round sunshine, in the UK winter can be cold and wet, to say the least. Keeping covered up and using layers is the key to keeping warm during Britain’s winter. Items such as base layers, gloves, hats, and scarves are definitely going to be required. But please don’t be scared off! Spring, summer, and autumn in the UK are all mild seasons, and you will rarely need much more than a t-shirt to keep the weather at bay.

British Fashion

Britain is something of a growing fashion power. While perhaps not noted quite in the same way as either Paris or Milan, London is making its presence felt in the fashion world. This is easy to see on the streets of the capital as well dressed city workers traverse the city looking extremely dapper. This has been driven, at least in part, by the number of fashion designers who design and sell their goods in the UK. There is also a huge number of shopping centers in the UK that house a variety of fashion retailers. Visit any major city in the UK, and you will have a plethora of fashion options to suit every taste. Indeed if there is one thing that the UK does very well: it’s shopping. Even local towns across the UK have a huge variety of options on the high street, so fashion is rarely hard to come by. Even cheaper retailers such as Primark and H&M are regarded for their fashion, and this can help to complete your look on a budget.

In recent times there has been a stark change when it comes to clothing norms in the workplace. From more formal attire (suits, ties, and even bowler hats previously being the norm), businesses now generally allow staff to dress a little more casually (think shirt without a tie rather than shorts and flip-flops!). If you are in the UK on a work visa (tier 2 visa), it is best to check before starting your employment as to whether this is the case at the new company, as turning up on day one without a tie may end badly. While we mention it, it is culturally normal to turn up to a job interview in very formal attire. For men, we would suggest that a suit and tie is desirable and for women, the business dress would be desirable. While this is not set in stone, many businesses would look badly upon an interviewee who turned up in casual clothing.

Need More Help?

If you need more help settling in, or moving to, the UK, then get in touch with an immigration lawyer. Their expertise can help those looking to relocate to the UK do so with minimal fuss. You can use a consultation service to make your transition to life in the UK as straightforward as possible.

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