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October 3, 2018

Top 5 Places To Have Dinner Cruise With Less Than $100 in Dubai Marina

The essence of having a holiday vacation or tour is to purposely enjoy and perhaps shed off the stress that you have been encountering in your daily activities. Nevertheless, if you don’t get the right destination, your vacation may be just like another boring activity. Recently, one of the choicest holiday destinations of many has shifted to the heart of the desert kingdom in the United Arabs Emirates, specifically Dubai.

Why Dubai?

Over the years Dubai has been known as a business hub where various businesspersons meet to do large transactions. As a matter of fact, it has turned out to be a favorite spot for most companies, businesses, and organizations. The business acumen of the city has made it grow tremendously in almost every aspect. Nevertheless, there are more reasons why people flock to the city especially during holiday vacations.

Many people just visit this pearl in the desert kingdom to see the skyscrapers, to have a taste of the Muslim culture, to enjoy the incredible sunsets and sunrise views, to have escapades in the deserts and to have dinner cruises in the Dubai Marina. Let’s get deeper into what many love; dinner cruise in Dubai Marina.

Dinner Cruise in Dubai Marina

Perhaps there is no better way of spending an evening other than taking breathtaking sails in the Dubai Marina while having your dinner slowly. One fact is that Dubai is a hot place, and you don’t want to spend a whole afternoon and evening indoors unless you want to roast yourself. You just have to get out and cool yourself, the favorite spot being at the Dubai Marina.

Many prefer Dubai Marina to Dubai Creek because of its modernity and the many views you enjoy while sailing. This is where you got to see the new face of Dubai spiced with outstanding architectural wonders including Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and the great Hotel Atlantis. Also, passing under road bridges is an experience on its own.

Dubai Marina

5 Places to Enjoy Dinner Cruise with Less than $100

Cruising under the moonlight is a magical experience that many visitors love experiencing. It even becomes better when spiced with dinner take. Of course, you don’t want to spend all your money and become stranded in your new city; so just cut the coat according to your size. The good news is that you can experience the beauty of Dubai Marina with less than $100 in the following places:

1. Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina

This time around you board a traditional yet elegantly decorated and modernized boat called Dhow, this is an experience by itself. You will enjoy two hours view of the illuminated city under the moonlight, the tanoura dance, buffet dinner, and drinks. You can view either in the upper or lower decker.

2. 3-Hour Luxury Canal Dinner Cruise

This usually happens at the canal of the waterfall bridge which is well illuminated giving a breathtaking scene. You will also enjoy the sight of Burj Khalifa and above all the internationally made buffet dinner as you sail. You will definitely like the entertainment and the beverages offered during the cruise.

3. Dubai Marina 5-Star Luxury Dinner Cruise

You don’t want to miss the beauty of sparkling Dubai monuments while taking internationally and continently made buffet dinner and a variety of juices, soft drinks, water, and beverages. And hey, you will get a welcome drink when you arrive. You will also enjoy that gentle background music while sipping your drink. There are loos facilities on board, and you just need to dress in smart casual.

4. Dubai Dinner Cruise in Marina

You can treat your eyes by having sights of water, canal lights up, well-illuminated skyscrapers, tanoura dance while taking your meal. The beauty with this tour is the hotel pickup service they offer. It makes their services unique.

5. Dubai Marina Dhow Sightseeing Cruise

This is also a great way of having your buffet dinner in a cool atmosphere while watching skyscrapers in the open or close decker. As usual, entertainment is unlimited with live songs and tanoura dance. Drinks, coffee, and appetizers are the welcome note.

Whether you’re looking for a destination that will roll away your stress and rejuvenate you, then Dubai Marina is the place to go and have a full blast and burst.

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