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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Africa

Stargazing at the night sky, watching the sunset fall and escape, and listening from the windy breeze of the sea, how romantic! Isn’t it? Well, every couple dream to have their sweet, relaxing, and once in a lifetime experience for their honeymoon trip. That’s why, this is the best time for you to travel in a unique, cultural, and breath-taking view of Africa!

Enthralling wild Safaris, grandeur beaches, interesting port cities, natural topographies, and pyramid structures, name them all. You can find those exciting and amazing sceneries only here in Africa! Let’s start exploring the top 5 honeymoon destinations in Africa and be ready to get your visa!

1. Praslin Island at Seychelles East Africa


Surrounded by 115 islands, Seychelles is an archipelago of the Indian Ocean. The exotic and rarest species can be encountered in this tropical paradise such as fauna and flora.

There are two famous untouched beaches namely Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve and Grand Anse. The Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve is popularly known as the Garden of Eden in East Africa. This venue is a listed UNESCO World Heritage site which was protected due to its abundant animals and plants.

There are so many activities that you can do on this island. You can dive into the depths of the crystal-clear aqua water, go snorkeling, and even island hopping. You can kiss underneath the sea and hold hands while walking at the stranded idyllic island.

No doubt why this island is famous for a honeymoon getaway. Its lush vegetation scenic view, dancing coconut palm trees, and large land formations that looks like Aldabra tortoises, all makes up the impressive natural view.

2. Cape Winelands & Town in South Africa

Cape Winelands

Get the best vineyard experience with your loved one at the Cape Winelands! At the hotel’s terraces, imagine a Titanic scene with the rugged mountains, and natural green valleys. Explore the old places, historic wineries, and experience their premiere cellar hubs!

Walk along the isles of the vineyard garden and witness the landscape formations of the mountains. Take a picture-perfect scene with your loved one and make it a very memorable honeymoon trip!

If you want to take your partner down to the city, it’s just a few minutes’ away to the Cape Town and waterfront resort. At the Cape Town, there are several activities to do which include sandboarding, abseiling, and swimming to the glamorous blue beach! The Cape Winelands and Town surely have a lot of things to offer!

3. Obudu Mountain Resort in Nigeria

Obudu Mountain Resort

Isolate from the city for a while and splurge yourselves with the breathtaking countryside view of the green mountains of the Obudu Resort. It’s the best place for the couple who wants to have their romantic privacy. Aside from sightseeing, you can enjoy hiking, trekking, and swimming. What’s more in this resort, you can also hustle and tone your muscles with their fitness gym equipment.

Relinquish yourself with their beautiful scenic view at the top while riding in their 4km cable ride! Yes, they have the longest cable line in Africa! Also, you must explore the Obudu Resort’s natural green foggy mountains, amazing cross rivers, and gigantic waterfalls.

4. Masai Mara National Park in Kenya

Masai Mara National Park

In Kenya, the Maasai Mara National Park is the most popular UNESCO World’s heritage site for Safari adventures. If you want to make your honeymoon celebration unique and challenging, then go wild at the Safari.

The classic and countryside view of the vast plains makes your stay peaceful and romantic. Appreciate the tribal and Hollywood view of their pavilion areas, tent camps, and a stay in one of the best luxury resorts in Africa. Have a luxury dine at their safari beach either floating on the water or mesmerizing the picturesque view.

Ride on their hot air balloon flying trips and witness the paradise while on top. Be amazed at the herds of the animals that are wandering around the plains such as the zebras, giraffes, tigers, lions, gazelle, and wildebeest.

Surprise your loved one with a kiss while watching the sunset cascade in the red-violet sky. At Masai Mara, you will surely have a treasurable adventure of your honeymoon experience.

5. Victoria Falls in Zambia

Victoria Falls

Hats off to the wildlife and romantic view of the Zambia Victoria falls. The spectacular style of the place makes the lovely couple appreciate the wonders of nature. You can find several luxury lodges and villas with various beautiful set up for honeymoon and anniversary occasions. Generally, they have beach and candlelight effects to make the couple’s vacation romantic and private.

During the daytime, you can explore the various activities at Zambia such as kayaking, bungee jumping, canoeing, and swimming. As a souvenir, you can also capture the astounding view of the Victoria falls surrounded by the mountains and mists. This is just a rare and once in a lifetime experience so don’t ever miss the chance to unveil the beauty of Zambia!

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