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July 25, 2020

Top 5 Places for Students to Entertain in Prague

Studying, getting ready for the exams, accomplishing tons of homework can be exhausting and overwhelming. Thus, every student needs to have an opportunity to relax and enjoy life. Traveling is considered to be one of the beneficial experiences that helps to relax and abstract mind from routine stuff and immerse into a completely different culture.

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Considering different countries and cities worldwide, you will hear tons of positive reviews and comments about Prague in the Czech Republic. The fascinating and magnificent city will impress you with its only view, to say nothing of its infrastructure. Prague is a city of diversity, so you will find opportunities after your own heart no matter what your tastes are. Anyway, the one thing Prague does best is entertainment. Tourists ultimately appreciate live music, bars to every taste, busy nightclubs, cool rock concerts, gorgeous classical concert halls, theaters and cinemas, and other opportunities.

As a student, you may be interested in traditional entertainment, like visiting art galleries and theatres, and more advanced options, such as cafes and nightclubs. Besides, you will appreciate the beneficial correlation between high entertainment standards and affordable costs. If you consider Prague as the top destination for your next student adventure, you need to decide where to start. Check out the top 5 most impressive and exciting places to visit in Prague and make your choice.

Globe Café and Bookstore

The advantageous combination of the coziness and liveliness make this place highly appreciated by the students. Globe Café and Bookstore may be the best option for students who visit Prague for the first time. Just relax and enjoy a sweet drink and a perfect company. Delicious food, nice drinks, friendly staff, and fascinating books will never leave you indifferent.

Zlaty Strom

Majestic and stylish from the outside, Zlaty Strom is vibrant and lively inside. One of the best rocking clubs in Prague welcomes locals and tourists, who are ready to chill. Affordable drinks, swaying dance floor, and lots of lovely people are the essential parts of any student party.

Divoka Sarka

Are you already tires of the busy clatter of the city? Change your plans and visit one of the best places in Prague. Divoka Sarka is an excellent spot for enjoying outdoor activities, peaceful meetings, and exciting walks. The unique park features around 250 square kilometers of remarkable forests, outstanding meadows, and admirable fields. It may become the top destination for students who spent previous night partying, so they want to avoid the city’s stress.

National Theatre

If you want to become a part of something bigger and more significant, you need to try to live performance at the National Theater. Eye-catching buildings, undeniable quality of shows, and unique experiences are guaranteed. Dust off your party clothes and get an unforgettable bit of culture and class. There are special prices for students, which are unexpectedly low. Additionally, you should not worry about understanding the language, as all the Chezh shows come with English and German subtitles.

Chapeau Rouge

Once you are done with cultural time, you can join one of the most well-known and energetic parties ever. There is hardly any student who can pass by Chapeau Rouge without coming in. Every Wednesday, famous music bands perform in the bar to take double advantage of the experience, drinking a unique shot and dancing to the vibrant music. 

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