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Tips For Your First Family Holiday With A Baby

When you have a new baby, the prospect of taking them on holiday can be a daunting one, especially if you have never traveled with an infant before. Whether it is a long-haul flight or thinking of driving across country or continents, the prospect may seem too much if you haven’t done it before. But don’t worry, we have compiled the best tips for your first family holiday with a baby, to make sure you both travel in comfort! 

Be Selective About Your Destination

New babies often leave parents exhausted and tired, we know you want to relax and have a seamless journey, but you may need to look at a holiday spot a little closer to home. The white sand beaches of Thailand may be calling, but look for somewhere you can fly to that has a shorter flight and no layovers. Some of the best places to travel with an infant might be something within easy reach, without the added stress of a 12-hour flight.

Travel Light

It may seem like this is next to impossible, but do you need those four sundresses, six t-shirts and two pairs of shorts? The lighter you pack, the easier everything will be, and you have more room for baby items. If you are concerned about not having enough clothes or blankets, make sure your accommodation has washing facilities so you can make sure all yours and your babies’ clothes are always clean. 

Timing Is Everything

Gone are the days where you can rock up to their airport and expect to clear security quickly. The more time you put into planning your trip, the easier everything will be. Choose flights that land at a reasonable time, so you don’t upset your baby’s sleep schedule and pre-book all transfers. That way, there is no stress involved when you are tired and need to make your way from the airport to your hotel. The less disruption you have, the easier your life will be. 

Grab An Aisle Seat

Where possible, always grab an aisle seat on your flight. It will lessen the stress when you need to make a quick dash to the bathroom to change your baby, or if they become unsettled, a simple walk and interaction with other people can help settle them. This tiny detail can make a world of difference!

Adopt A Holiday Routine

Babies, like us, quite like routine and you can still keep a basic one even while you are on holiday. Keep to the same feeding and nap times; this way, your baby won’t become confused when things change too much. It also means you can schedule some well-earned downtime, whether that is lying in bed reading or having the baby nap while you are by the pool! 

Talk To Other Mums

We are far more likely to listen to our friends than we are to listen to a travel agent. Speak to other mums who have taken their babies away on holiday; find out what airlines they liked or didn’t, what locations are baby friendly as well as what hotels provided them with everything they needed. It can help you make the best decision possible!

Don’t Rush To All-Inclusive Breaks

All-inclusive packages may seem like a stress-free option, but they can be challenging to put together in a way that suits you. To reduce the prices, flights are often in unsociable hours, transfers are busy and getting to the restaurant for food can be difficult. It may work out more expensive, but a boutique option can give you everything you need to have a relaxing time, and you can even take the baby out to explore the culture and new cuisines. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to traveling with a newborn, it really can seem daunting, but don’t let it put you off. One of the main things to do when you are thinking of traveling is be organised and plan! The more you plan, the better everything will be, so make sure you have everything organised to get you from your house to your hotel and back again. Whilst the white sands of Thailand may be a little far for the first trip, you can find everything you need close to home and with half the stress. Don’t be put off from taking a trip with your newborn; you will have the time of your life once you get there!

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