September 10, 2018

What Are The Requirements To Get A Madagascar Visa?

Madagascar is one of the irresistible destinations for outdoor lovers, photographers, naturalists, and individuals looking for a unique and fascinating place to immerse themselves and get away from work, school and other problems that the world has to offer. It is an excellent place for family getaways, and that’s not all, it is an attractive business destination for thousands of people.

Visiting Madagascar is as easy as visiting any other country. Visiting foreign lands is exciting but can be overwhelming, and Madagascar is not an exception. The requirements are minimal, but you have to meet them all to ensure that you have a successful and enjoyable trip. Among these requirements is a Visa. You have to get a Madagascar visa first which acts as a permit to enter the land. The Visas are of different kinds depending on what you are going to do there, and how long you intend to stay. Some of the visas include;

  • Business visa
  • Long stay business visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Transit visa

However, getting a visa has its requirements too. There are a few elements that you must fulfill to acquire the permit which includes;

A valid passport

For starters, you have to ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months after your entry in Madagascar. Also, you may need a blank passport page which gives room for Madagascar visa stamp.

Application form

Times have changed, and unlike before, you no longer need to apply for visas manually or queue at the embassy to get the application form. The eVisa Madagascar allows you to apply for the visa online, fill your form online, and make payment with your credit card, and within a few hours, you will have your electronic visa with you. It is faster and convenient for everyone.

When applying for the eVisa, you have to fill in the information correctly as it appears on your passport, and after everything is done, you can make your payments online. You will then get a link via the email that will guide you to download your eVisa. Visitors from any state can apply this kind of Visa.


You will need an International Certificate of Vaccinations to acquire entry permit to Madagascar. Some of the vaccinations included are immunizations for cholera, malaria, yellow fever, and hepatitis A.

Visa processing time

Madagascar visas are processed within 72 hours or four business days. You may need to pay an additional fee in a case of emergency. It is, therefore, recommendable that you apply for the visa at least 72 days before your actual trip day.

The requirements are easy. You should also note that if you are planning for a short stay or a short-term trip of less than a month or 30 days, you can get your visa on arrival in Madagascar. However, this is not advisable as you are likely to experience a delay and that is why it is wise to get the visa in advance. Good luck!

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