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4 Qualities That You Want in a Jet Charter Service

There’s no doubt that charter flights provide quite a bit that’s lacking in commercial ones. Even so, it helps to understand that not all jet charter services are alike. Some will appeal to you more than others. As you go about the task of comparing the merits of Evojets, Paramountbusinessjets, Aircharterservice and Novajet, do consider what matters to you most. Here are four key qualities that must be present to earn your business.

Options for Aircraft

What type of aircraft would be right for your trip? Perhaps the journey will be a short one and you’re the only one going. Maybe this is for pleasure rather than for business and the family will be going too. What you need is an aircraft that can accommodate the number of people who are going and can also get you there without having to make any stops. You can bet that the right charter service will have the best aircraft as well as a great pilot to get you where you want to go.


One of the major attractions of charter services is that you get to travel with a greater degree of comfort. In an era when traveling in the economy class on a commercial flight often means cramped seats, it’s nice to know that a jet charter will offer seating that has a little more padding, more room for your legs, and even enough headroom. This one factor will go a long way toward making the journey an enjoyable one.


If you wanted to run the risk of being late, it would be easy enough to book a seat on a commercial flight. Between takeoff delays, missed connections, and other problems, you could arrive at the destination several hours later than planned. Opting to go with a jet charter to New York manged by the right service will eliminate the problem.

Check the reputation of any service that you’re considering. Does the service have a history of getting clients where they want to go on time? If so, that’s a service you want to explore in more detail.

Competitive Pricing

Your primary focus is on selecting a charter service that has the type of aircraft needed, offers plenty of comfort and amenities during the flight, and will get you there in a reasonable amount of time. Along with those qualities, it never hurts to see how the pricing compares.

There’s always the possibility that one service has something going on that would help you save money and still provide all the other benefits. For example, maybe your destination happens to be a city where the charter jet must fly for a return trip. Right now, no one has booked a reservation, meaning the jet would have to travel back empty. If you happen to call and find that it needs to depart around the same time that you want to go, the service might offer a reduced rate if you can adjust your schedule.

Remember that the goal is to travel in comfort and without the hassle that comes with commercial flights. Choose the right service and there’s a good chance that you’ll never want to settle for any other mode of air travel.

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