Planning a Weekend Getaway with Kids to Kensington near Earls Court

While the Kensington Palace is mostly associated with Queen Victoria, given that this is where she was born, although she moved to Buckingham Palace once she was crowned Queen, the palace goes much far back in British History. Did you know that the first Royals to have moved into this palace were William III and Mary II, as far back as in 1689? Kensington is home to this and many other interesting sites. In fact, according to a tourism report by London & Partners, the most common reasons for people planning a leisure visit to London is for the cultural experience. It is the galleries, museums, exhibitions and other tourist attractions that are the reasons for 39% of the leisure visits to the city. In fact, there is something for people of all ages, from 3 to 30 and even 93!

So, if you are planning a weekend getaway with the family, you know the fun will be endless when you travel to London. However, make sure you book accommodation early. You will find many cheap but extremely comfortable hotels in Kensington, that offers all the modern amenities you need for a memorable stay.

Once you are all settled into such a well-situated hotel near Earl’s Court, London, here are some things you must try.

Morning Museum Mania

  1. The Science Museum (entry free): exhibits fun oriented and educational activities inspired by the scientific developments from past 300 years. Remember to watch a movie at the museum’s 3D cinema.
  2. The Natural History Museum (entry free): provides the opportunity for examining fossils, an Earth Lab and Volcano and an Earthquake gallery. The most liked Darwin’s Centre attracts many repeat visitors all the year long. Kids enjoy taking away a keepsake, so check out the Explorer backpacks.
  3. The Victoria Albert Museum (entry free): is also called London museum of art and design. You can enjoy looking at amazing artifacts brought in from all around the world. They host entertaining family-centered shows, inviting kids to design under the guiding light of the museum’s inspirations.

Lip Smacking Luncheons

You can enjoy delicacies at the excellent eateries in each of the museums listed above, or you can enjoy your home-cooked meal in the open picnic areas provided. A few selected outlets offer kid-friendly menus too.

Make a point to rest after lunch because the next destination can be quite exhausting. Let the kids have their play time till they get exhausted and then you can join in to double the fun factor.

Afternoon Attractions

  1. Explore Kensington Gardens adorned with statues – a few recognizable ones include Peter Pan, Elfin Oak, carved fairies, elves and woodland animals.
  2. Get inspired by the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Ground – with its Peter Pan inspired centerpiece of a massive pirate ship.
  3. Enjoy boating in Round Pond in Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park as well.

Walk through the neighborhood and bring the day to a close at and around the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre. This has been a renowned international exhibition Centre, hosting exhibitions, conferences and events in London. It has also been the largest venue in Central London. Sadly, the venue site is proposed to be used for new residential and retail estate sites and thus has been ordered to be demolished.

With the kids good and tired out, you will be glad to have booked into an affordable hotel near Earl’s Court, London, where you can retire for a restful night before starting out on the next day’s adventure.

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