Places to Visit on your Next Vacation to Hawaii

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Of all the places that I have seen, one experience that stayed with me was from my visit to Hawaii. The Islands offers so much more than just relaxation – you can explore the untouched wildlife, the coral’s reefs and marine life, adventure sports, historical monuments and have a fun-filled vacation with your family or friends.

Here are the few places that you must visit in Hawaii:

  1. Maui: If you wish to indulge in extreme adventure sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, cliff diving, etc., the one place you must visit is the Black Rock on the Ka’anapali Beach. This beach also has an age-old tradition of torch lighting. A bright torch is lit to symbolize the jumping off of the spirits from the cliff into the waters. This beach has also been rated as one of the best beaches in the United States.
  2. Honolulu: The capital of Hawaii and the capital for everything else. This place has the best shopping centers, beaches, restaurants, nightlife and the sky-high hotels. Trust me, this is where the party starts and goes on all night long. If you are here, just enjoy. Make sure you see the best you can!
  3. Oahu: While you are in Oahu, make sure you go to the Diamond Head to get a beautiful view of the entire Island. Another place on this Island that requires special mention is the Waikiki beach. This beach is adorned by the Diamond Head and the Honolulu skyline in the backdrop. If you are traveling with young kids or would like to go to a beach that is secluded, you should go to the Kahanamoku beach. Another beach that is totally uninterrupted by humans is the Kuhio beach – take a towel, lie down and just soak up all the sun!
  4. Kauai: If you love the greens and would want to spend some time with Mother Nature and strolling around in gardens, this is the Island you should visit. This place has such dense forests and a lush green cover all over the landscape that it almost looks unreal. It is one of the oldest Islands of Hawaii and is also known as the Garden Isle. The most famous garden is the Limahuli Garden. While you are on the Island, you must visit the Kalalau Trail, Wailua Falls, Kokee State Park to see all kinds of flora species that could grow on Earth and the Waimea Canyon. It is one of the biggest canyons of the Pacific Ocean, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.
  5. The Big Island of Hawaii: The name comes from the size of this Island. It is so big, that if you combined all the Islands in Hawaii, it would still be bigger in size. If you do not believe, when you visit this Island you will see that it has 11 climatic zones on just one landmass – gardens, waterfalls, beaches, mountains and even Volcanoes. Make sure you visit the Downtown Hilo to explore the local city, the Volcanoes National Park, Waipio Valley and the South Point.

Things To Do When Visiting Hawaii

Now that you know what places you must see when you visit Hawaii, here are a few things that you should do when you are on the Islands:

  1. Morning walk to Diamond Head: To see the beaches, waters and beyond you will have to walk a little. The Diamond Head is a crater that was created by volcanic eruptions. This place also happens to be at a good height. People often come here to see the skyline and the blue sea. I would suggest that you wake up early and reach the top by 6 am or you will be stuck with the crowd and would not be able to enjoy the view, peacefully.
  2. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve: This was once a crater and now serves as the best places for snorkeling. It will be better if you reach the place early in the morning because the place has just 300 spots. Another downside of going late is that slowly the water started getting churned due to all the people going in for snorkeling. So if you enter in water that is not still, the view during snorkeling is not good, and a lot of marine life goes away or hides.
  3. Pearl Harbor: This place has great historical importance, and the architecture is quite beautiful. The memorial was built after the attack on the US Naval ships during the World War II that was docked on this harbor. From here you can take a boat to the Arizona Memorial which is the resting ground for 1,102 soldiers who were killed. It indeed is a very moving and educational experience.
  4. Volcanoes National Park: You can visit the Jaggar Museum and see active volcanoes in this area. Many people are able to see the bubbling, hot lava of the volcano named Kilauea. Make sure to see the Chain of Craters and the Lava Lake on your visit.
  5. Black beach: The beach here has black sand all over. Apart from this, people come here to spot the Hawaiian green turtles and is considered lucky to spot them on the beach.

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