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March 21, 2018

11 Places You Have to Visit If Coffee Is Life

11 Ideal Vacation Destinations for Coffee Lovers

For coffee lovers, that aromatic, hot drink is the first thought on their mind when they wake up. It ushers in the day and offers the caffeine fix they need for a good day.

You might be surprised to learn that coffee actually has a deep-rooted history around the world. It’s a staple drink in many countries, and some would argue that you haven’t really tasted the brew until you’ve gone to countries where its origins date back thousands of years.

If you love coffee and travel, here are some of the best destinations to enjoy a cup.

1. Rome, Italy

Rome is known for its quaint coffee bars and cafes. In fact, it’s said Starbucks founder Howard Shultz was inspired to remake Starbucks into its current identity after a visit to the city.

Can you think of anything more romantic than drinking a cup of coffee in the most romantic city in the world? While exploring one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, stop off at the Caffè Propaganda or the Sciascia Caffè.

2. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Arabica and Robusta, the two main varieties of coffee plants, were first discovered in Ethiopia, which makes it a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts. Farmers in Addis Ababa produce 5,000 varieties of coffee plants, so you’ll have your pick of incredible brews to choose from.

3. Havana, Cuba

If you think Cuba is only worth a visit for rum and cigars, think again. They also make a mean espresso. Coffee beans are roasted in-house each morning in the many coffee shops around the city. The aroma that fills the streets in the early morning hours is to die for!

4. Ataco, El Salvador

Not only can you enjoy an incredible cup of fresh-brewed coffee in Ataco, but you can also watch the process of how it’s made. Ataco is home to El Carmen Estate, one of the largest and most popular coffee plantations in Central America.

Coffee production is a key contributor to El Salvadorian economy, and you’ll see people hard at work to bring you fresh beans.

5. Honolulu, Hawaii

The laid-back Hawaiian culture might make you think they exist on decaf, but it’s actually a hub for coffee production. Honolulu ranks number nine in the nation for most coffee shops per capita.

Hawaii is also only one of two states in the nation that grows commercial coffee beans. The soil is rich and fertile here, so it’s one of the best places to get a fresh cup in the United States.

6. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei has a host of competitive coffee shops that deliver some of the highest quality beverages you’ll ever try. Each cup contains freshly roasted beans and a slow-roasted brew.

Because of the competitive nature of Taipei cafes, each shop also creates abundant signature drinks that set them apart from other shops in the city. You could spend all day sampling new coffee drinks as you wind your way through Taiwan.

7. San Jose, Costa Rica

Coffee has been a staple in Costa Rica since the late 1700s, and it’s still a vibrant part of the economy. For that reason, the beans are always fresh and delicious.

For a great experience, visit the Costa Rica Marriott San Jose, a local resort that’s coffee-centered. There’s an on-site coffee curator with latte design classes, instruction on harvesting coffee at home, and more educational opportunities.

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

For many people, Buenos Aires claims the top spot for South American coffee. As you experience the old-world charm of this quaint city, stop at Lattente on the Thames where the coffee is slow brewed and done right every time!

9. Portland, Oregon

In the continental United States, you can’t argue with a good cup of Joe from Portland. The city is known for its coffee lovers, and although coffee isn’t grown locally, cafes only use the best beans for their brews.

10. Reykjavik, Iceland

According to the International Coffee Organization, Scandinavia residents consume more coffee than any other region in the world. Although you can find a great cup of coffee in multiple joints across this region, Reykjavik is home to some of the best brews.

Stop off at Kaffitár or Kaffismiðja Íslands. The first is a popular chain throughout the country, and the latter is a house-turned-cafe with all the quaint, old-world vibes you’re looking for in a coffee shop.

11. Mexico City, Mexico

Although you won’t find beaches and blue water in Mexico City, you will find an incredible cup of Joe. Real Mexican coffee sticks to its roots and minimizes the sugar and cream–great for those who like it black.

You have to try their coffee with freshly baked conchitas. Try Cielito Querido, a cute Mexican cafe known for its stout coffee and incredible baked goods. It’s well worth the trip!

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