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Prague to Salzburg
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From Prague to Salzburg on a shoestring

Austria’s mountain treasure can be fun even on a backpacker budget For two cities that seem to have so much in common – beautiful architecture, a wonderful classical music tradition and a magnificent historic old town – Salzburg and Prague are two of the least connected cities in Europe. Despite their monarchic union for more… Keep Reading

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Best of Prague 2010

It’s hard to play favorites in a city like Prague, where the dining, shopping, leisure and entertainment options seem boundless, but The Prague Post readers were up to the challenge, voting on the best the city has to offer in 25 categories. Our editorial staff also put in their two cents’ worth by making their… Keep Reading

Czechs travel visa-free USA
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Welcome waive

Czechs may soon travel visa-free, but officials say it’s not enough On Aug. 3, U.S. President George W. Bush signed into law changes to the visa-waiver program, bringing the Czech Republic one step closer to visa-free travel for stays of 90 days or less. While some have heralded the changes, Czech officials in Washington, D.C.,… Keep Reading

Czechs travel visa-free USA
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Tougher U.S. visa rules under fire

Leaders complain regulations unfairly hurt Czech travelers Ivan Gavran went in front of a national television audience and successfully threw 10 hats onto a rack to win his family a trip to the United States. But after enduring what he described as an expensive and frustrating visa-application process, Gavran gave up his dream of visiting… Keep Reading

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