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Prague makes Top Five on TripAdvisor list

The Czech capital now ranks as the top location in the EU, according to the travel site Prague is no stranger to best of and top 10 lists. The most recent accolade for the city of a hundred spires is hitting No. 5 on TripAdvisor’s list of the Top 25 Destinations in the World for… Keep Reading

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Hotel Paris: A jewel in the city

Landmark hotel offers a century’s worth of history and modern convenience The hotel, just a short walk from Old Town Square, has 86 rooms and suites, each decorated with Art Nouveau elements. The deluxe rooms, some of which have balconies, offer Art Nouveau-style furniture, along with heated floors in the bathrooms. Executive rooms are more… Keep Reading

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Hotel International Prague: A red-letter hotel

Remnant of social realism stands the test of time — and so does its name It has borne many names, among them Hotel Družba (Friendship), Hotel Čedok, Hotel Holiday Inn and Hotel Crowne Plaza Prague. But for most of its nearly 50-year existence, the 88-meter tall luxury accommodation establishment in Prague’s upper-class Dejvice neighborhood was… Keep Reading

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Traces of communism hard to find

Prague was quick to get rid of reminders of the Soviet occupation, but some reminders remain Tourists seeking communist history of the Czech Republic may have a hard time finding remnants outside of museums and bunker tours. This is because Czechs just about got rid of anything that reminded them of the occupation by the… Keep Reading

Prague Astronomical Clock 2
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Prague’s most historical Astronomical Clock

The hourly show at the Astronomical Clock is better with some background The Prague Astronomical Clock or Pražský Orloj is regularly sighted on blogs and websites as one of the most disappointing attractions in Prague. Tourists expect some sort of grand performance at the top of every hour and are disappointed to see that it… Keep Reading

Einstein Prague
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Einstein in Prague

The Nobel Prize-winning physicist credits Prague with helping him develop one his key theories Albert Einstein, then aged 32, lived in Prague for 16 months from 1911–12, along with his wife and children. According to his own writings, the atmosphere of Prague helped him find the necessary elements to give shape to one of his… Keep Reading

Mozart estates in Prague
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Tracing the steps of Mozart in Prague

The famed composer spent just a few months in the city but left a wide trail For all of the talk about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Prague, the composer actually spent very little time here. The composer was in the Golden City just five times, and some of those trips were rather brief. The Moravian… Keep Reading

Old Jewish Cemetery
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5 mystical and mysterious places in Prague

Traces of the devil, unsolvable mysteries and the roots of a hateful hoax can be found in stone Among the names for Prague is the Magic City, and not without reason. Places connected to legends are all over the city, and throughout the centuries everyone from alchemists to vampires are supposed to have passed through… Keep Reading

Prague Vltava
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Fifteen little-known facts about Prague

A list of things you may not have known about the Czech capital The Golden City has seen kings and queens, and it has gone from monarchy, empire and independence to occupation, totalitarianism and liberation. The City of a Hundred Spires, with its shining castle on a hill and its river that inspired a work… Keep Reading

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So, HuffPo, which is it: Meh or must see?

Huffington Post names Prague Europe’s Prettiest City four days after calling it ‘meh’ It seems like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing at news portal Huffington Post. The US-based content aggregator ran a photo essay May 12 by Jenna Rak that was sort of short on text and contained no… Keep Reading

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