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luxurious romantic getaway
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6 Unique Ideas for Luxurious Romantic Getaways

Hoping to escape to a paradise beach or a verdant landscape for quality time together with your loved one? Here are several ideas for doing that in luxurious style: Travel in Style in a Charter Jet While waste time away stuck in traffic or feel uncomfortable in an old car? Impress your loved one by… Keep Reading

travel software
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Why Software Solutions are Becoming More Important for Tourism Industry

Gone are the days when the tourism industry could rely on travel guide books. People are taking more vacations now than before. While this is good news for the tourism sector as a whole, it’s also posing new problems. Travelers are more sophisticated now than ever thanks to Internet-connected “smart” devices like phones, tablets, and… Keep Reading

Prachovské skály
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Bohemian Paradise Trails Offer Stunning Experience For Hikers

With hundreds of marked trails through the countryside, many easy to reach thanks to the comprehensive train network, the Czech Republic is perfect for hikers. The country offers a new opportunity every weekend for those who love the outdoors. Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering Yet, even with so many marvelous places for walks, the “Bohemian Paradise”… Keep Reading

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10 Classy But Affordable Hotels In Prague

Prague has remarkably pretty hotels, but if you’re visiting on a budget, you don’t want to spend all of your money on the accommodations. Accommodation consumes the large part of the budget for most travelers, and if you can save a few hundred on your hotel, that will leave more money for you to enjoy… Keep Reading

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13 Things You Can Do For Free In Prague

Prague is an incredible city, full of beautiful sights. There are fine dining and high-class hotels, but if you’re on a budget, those things may be further from your reach. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the history and entertainment that Prague has to offer, though. In fact, there are some totally free… Keep Reading

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Planning a Weekend Getaway with Kids to Kensington near Earls Court

While the Kensington Palace is mostly associated with Queen Victoria, given that this is where she was born, although she moved to Buckingham Palace once she was crowned Queen, the palace goes much far back in British History. Did you know that the first Royals to have moved into this palace were William III and… Keep Reading

Trip Acton Wembley
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A Trip from Acton to Wembley

Located in West London, Acton is a hub of commerce and retail. However, hundreds of years ago, this destination was renowned for its inns. Even today, travelers seek hotels in Acton London because there are prominent options like Holiday Inn London West. This esteemed hotel provides facilities like Wifi, 24-hour restaurant serving delicious meals, a… Keep Reading

London walking tours
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Enjoy the Walking Tours of London

Walk! Walk! Walk! – Yes, you can walk till you get tired on the well-planned walking tours in Paddington, London. Walking is not only a cost effective way of touring this amazing city, but it is also a healthy and environmentally friendly way. Many tourists just love to walk around the city, mainly visiting all… Keep Reading

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Prague’s eating tours show some culinary secrets

From gourmet sandwiches to EU-protected wafers, a new tour is something to savor Prague still has a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to food. Cold War images of people in long lines for bread still sit in the back of many tourists’ minds. But food and especially Czech cuisine has had a… Keep Reading

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Prague’s Romeo and Juliet

Rusted Cross is reminder of two lovers who came to a tragic end People who have gone hiking or cycling at the edge of Prague may have encountered a remnant of the city’s own Romeo and Juliet, a star-crossed couple whose monument now stands alone surrounded by trees and wilderness. In the middle of the… Keep Reading

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