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Nature Lovers Travel Guide: Places to Visit and Activities to Explore

Nature is the ultimate healer. When it comes to stressors and anxiety associated with modern living, taking time to immerse in nature can be highly therapeutic. Whether taking a stroll in your local park or just relaxing in your backyard, nature can do wonders to reduce stress and promote calmness. 

Some people may wish to travel to cities or metropolitan areas to explore different cultures and visit famous monuments. For city lovers, the energy of urban centers with diverse shopping and dining options may be refreshing. However, for nature lovers, a vacation may be incomplete without experiencing the towering beauty of the mountains or soothing waves of the beaches. They may find the hustle and bustle of cities overwhelming and prefer to rejuvenate in more picturesque outdoors.

If you are a nature traveler looking to explore the perfect outdoors, you’ve come to the right place. The following places and activities are an excellent way to satisfy your wanderlust.

Pigeon Forge, USA

This famous town located in eastern Tennessee is an incredible vacation spot if you are fond of witnessing the grandeur of mountains. Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains and acres of wilderness that serve as a magnificent backdrop, this town offers a range of adventure-filled activities, like water rafting and zorbing.

With plenty of hiking and fishing facilities and an opportunity to visit the renowned Cades Cove valley and Clingmans Dome, this location is a sight to behold. Besides, the large cabin rentals Pigeon Forge provides its visitors make it an enchanting place for those seeking a relaxing yet fun vacation. So, if you’re visiting the area, cabins with various amenities like pools and game rooms are the ideal lodging choice.

Lapland, Norway

Best known for ski resorts and a place to experience the midnight sun and northern lights, this area lies in the north part of Norway. This magical place is truly a winter wonderland. Its endless wilderness, forests, and lakes are a gateway to an exciting Arctic adventure. According to Visit Finland, the mesmerizing northern lights can be seen for approximately 200 days of the year.

There are numerous heated igloo and hotel accommodations available to allow visitors to view the spectacular colors of the Aurora Borealis. It’s truly an experience of a lifetime. Daytime activities span from cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, snowmobile safaris, snowshoeing, and many more.

Queensland, Australia

Australia is one of the top choices when it comes to nature and outdoor attractions. With its rugged landscapes and vast islands, this country is a favorite amongst tourists. Located in the northeastern region of Australia, Queensland is the second largest state of the country. Famous for its islands and crystal beaches, this state houses the most extensive coral reef system globally, with a diverse marine population.

The place is highly recommended for those who wish to enjoy a tropical vacation. Popular activities include snorkeling, sailing, whale-watching, four-wheel drive, and camping. If you plan to visit Australia soon, trust us, you won’t regret it.

Cape Town, South Africa

Stunning sceneries, rich history, and incredible adventures make Cape Town a bucket list topper. According to Tourism Tattler, it is ranked as the most popular tourist destination in South Africa. Situated near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest of South Africa, Cape Town is primarily a port city harboring a majestic view of the celebrated Table Mountain.

Clear blue skies and pristine beaches with their rocky shorelines make this town a paradise for beach lovers. Apart from the breathtaking beauty, the city hosts various fun-filled activities, including surfing, paragliding, bungee jumping, and bone-chilling cage diving with the great white sharks.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Any nature travel guide is incomplete without mentioning Switzerland, the all-time favorite among tourists. The snow-peaked Alps and mountains, an abundance of lakes, and charming villages are what makes Switzerland truly beautiful. Interlaken, one of the most famous towns in central Switzerland, is a traditional resort with various flowerbed and mountain-surrounded hotels and castles.

Offering multiple outdoor activities like golfing, windsurfing, climbing, and horseback riding, this town is well suited for the most active travelers. The Outdoor Interlaken suggests visiting the city in the summer season to enjoy the variety of outdoor activities in the best way.

Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand may be a nature lover’s dream come true with snow-covered peaks, breathtaking landscapes, and alpine lakes. The country hosts some of the best golden beaches with clear blue waters, set against rich green hills. Queenstown, located near Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand, is famously known as the ‘Adventure Capital of the World.’ Its endless opportunities for exciting outdoor activities like skydiving, zip-lining, and jet boating attract visitors worldwide.

A CNN Travel article indicates that more than three million tourists visit this iconic town. The place also offers more laid-back options to enjoy nature, such as guided walks in the scenic national parks and overnight water tours.

Vancouver, British Columbia

A seaport city in the western region of Canada, this place is a famous filming location. It is highly diverse when it comes to culture and ethnicities. Although Vancouver is a busy and densely populated area, it is well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty with vast rain forests and seawalls. This city emphasizes going green and is an admirable example of how urbanization and nature can co-exist.

Considered the primary destination to experience adventures and adrenaline rush, the city offers a wide range of land and sea activities, from mountain biking to yachting. The best time to visit Vancouver for the most favorable weather is from May to October.

Hallstatt, Austria

Notable for its fascinating cities and enchanting villages in the majestic mountains, Austria promises to fulfill your wish for a great outdoor vacation. The landscape is diverse but is majorly covered with high alpine peaks and rolling hills. Hallstatt, a village located along the shore of Lake Hallstatt, is one of the most aesthetically pleasing places in Austria.

Home to the world’s most ancient salt mine, this magical town with its fairytale-like backdrops is also termed as ‘the most Instagrammable town in the world.’ According to BBC Travel, this small lake town with around 800 inhabitants hosts more than 10,000 visitors during peak seasons. This town is perfect for refreshing your soul, from taking a stroll along the Lake Hallstatt to hiking on Salt Brine Trail.

Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

According to Rough Guides, Indonesia is amongst the top 6 most beautiful countries in the world. The country is home to over 17,000 islands and is highly diverse in culture and ethnicities. This country is termed as a divers dream place with its several diving sites and amazing underwater scenery. Located in east Indonesia, Labuan Bajo is a fishing town on Flores Island. Famously known as the city of sunsets, this place provides a mesmerizing view of the sky and horizon.

The city also hosts one of the widest varieties of marine life. It is the starting point for Indonesia’s Komodo National Park. The region offers many unique experiences to its visitors, from Pink Beach with blush-colored sand to underground saltwater lakes.

Parting Thoughts

Undoubtedly, vacations or short trips in nature can be highly beneficial when de-stressing or taking a break from everyday life. Whether you enjoy the extravagance of a city or prefer to backpack across different states, admiring the beauty of this world is a healing activity. The world is blessed with an abundance of natural and scenic beauty, but it is up to you to explore them. So, pick a spot that satisfies your wanderlust and hop on a flight for a memorable experience.

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