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July 5, 2019

Indonesia Island Hopping: The Best Places to Visit?

How many reasons do you possibly need to visit the captivating archipelago of Indonesia? A great many reasons can come to mind, but there is not enough space to list them all. Indonesia has some of the most accessible island chains, allowing people craving for adventure to soak up the sun and explore diverse cultures. In case you did not know, the archipelago has numerous registered islands that you can pay a visit to – approximately 17,000. If you want to spend your next overseas break traveling from one island to another, Indonesia is the perfect place. These are the islands you will not want to miss.



Bali is a renowned Indonesia island. In fact, it is more famous than Indonesia. If you were to ask anyone about Bali, they would be able to tell you all about the Hindu religion and how welcoming the people are. Bali is the number one tourist destination in Indonesia and for a good reason. It is sunny all year long, so you can take advantage of the sunshine to swim, hike, and water ski. Let us not forget about the mystical temples, which feature century-old architecture and offer uniqueness. Do not miss Tanah Lot Temple and Uluwatu Temple. Make sure to discover the array of beach bars and the deserted tropical beaches. Why bother to embark on an international journey if you do not plan to hit the beach? Pack your sunscreen and prepare a playlist, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes.

Komodo Island

If you like basking in Bali, you will definitely love snorkeling with the marine wildlife in Komodo Island. You can visit this place without taking an expensive tour. If you really want to see the human-eating dragons, go on a day tour from Labuan Bajo to Komodo. But what will you do once you get there? As mentioned earlier, you can watch the Komodo dragons, which can weigh more than 150 kg. It will be the coolest trip ever. The dragons are very intimidating, but they are not that scary. After you see the largest living lizards in the world, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. The pink sand beaches and coral reefs will no doubt impress you. And so will the numerous waterfalls, such as Cunca Wulang.


Lombok is situated east of Bali and, although it is very beautiful, this island mostly remains in the shadow. The sceneries and the beauty of nature are simply mind-boggling. If you are looking forward to a unique vacation, Lambok is the place to be. You can go surfing or hiking to reach the top of Mount Rinjani. While it is not possible to list all the interesting things you can do, here is one suggestion: cycling. There is mostly mountain terrain, but there are several areas which are perfect for cycling. Discover the cascading waterfalls and towering mountains. In the largest city, Mataram, there is a Hindu temple that was transformed into a relaxation spot. The place is not too touristy, not to mention that you can enjoy great food like Plecing Kangkung, Sate Bulayak, and Sate Rembiga. This is finger-licking food.


Gili Islands

The Gilis represent a trio of isles that are extremely peaceful and picturesque, floating in the turquoise sea. The group of small islands is located on the north-western shore of Lombok. What is so striking about the Gili Islands is that there are no motor vehicles. Even if there are no cars or motorbikes, you will find lots and lots of accommodation options, charming paths, and, most importantly, nice people. If you want to make the most out of your island-hopping journey, make sure to pay a trip to The Gilis. You will come across long-standing mosques, waterfalls, and rustic villages. It is important to figure out which Gili Island is the right one for you. If you are interested in leaving everything behind and having the time of your life, go to Gili Air or Gili Meno, which are considered Indonesia’s version of Ibiza. If all you want is a romantic escape, Gili Meno is the place to be, as you can enjoy crystal clear water.

Flores Island

Flores is basically a group of islands in the eastern half of Indonesia. This place is known for its fearsome residents, i.e., the dragons, and the vividly colored lakes at Mount Kelimutu. The colors change all the time, and this is all due to a naturally occurring phenomenon. The lakes are either green or red. Needless to say, they are mysterious and incomprehensible. Besides the fact that Flores ensures an easy gateway to Komodo Island, this isle is home to a beach with turquoise pebbles – the Blue Stone Beach. Stop and enjoy the blue beach. The spectacular scenery will make it all worthwhile. You cannot relax on the sand, but you can swim with the dolphins, mantas, and whale sharks. If you ever get invited to a villager hour, do not say no. The locals will be so happy that you are honoring them with your presence that they will sacrifice a chicken for dinner.


Bunaken is surrounded by tinted coral reefs, which stretch out their tentacles into the most beautiful water in the world. The island has a high diversity of fish and sponges. Individuals from all corners of the globe come to dive here. If you do not want to see the small creatures that lie underneath the water, you can visit the Bunaken National Marine Park, which appeals to all kinds of visitors. Better yet, go on a shopping spree. Many sellers are willing to offer you a bargain on handmade products. The items are made from shells, rocks, and sea coral reefs. If you need gifts to bring back home to your friends, you are in luck. Get souvenirs or a bottle of wine. A great selection of wine is available just so you know.

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