How to save on your travel budget this Christmas

With the holiday season setting in fast, it’s time to make travel plans. Whether you plan to travel for Christmas or the New Year, taking trips during this time of the year can be chaotic and crowded too. This can easily affect your travel budget due to price increases, overbooked hotels, and public storage facilities and compounded by the crowded nature of travel time. To avoid spending more than you plan this holiday season, here’s what you can do:

1. Book your travels early

If you are already certain of your holiday travel plans, make bookings in advance. This increases your chances of getting great deals that save you money. If you plan to take flight, you are safe booking your seats about 3 weeks earlier. That way, you can take advantage of lower fare that starts in early November. If you are not able to nail this, then try booking tickets on days like Wednesdays and Tuesdays when fares are a bit lower compared to weekends.

2. Leverage on holiday deals and coupons

These days there are deals and coupons for almost anything and travel is no exception. Travel is a highly competitive business so look out for deals on all the services you need. These can range from hotels, car rentals to flights. Where possible book all the services you need as a package so you can maximize on discounts and exclusive deals.

3. Opt to take your flight on the day of the holiday

The days just before the holiday tend to be the most expensive days to travel because everyone is rushing to get to their holiday destination. If you have room to rearrange your travel plans, opt to take a flight on the actual day of the holiday. Doing so increases your chances of getting a better travel deal. The people you are traveling to spend time with might not appreciate this move entirely, but it will definitely save you some money.

4. Be early to catch your flight

Missing a flight is the last thing you want to deal with during the holiday season because it can lead to extra fees in-flight changes. Usually, the holiday season is the busiest travel time of the year. As such, prepare yourself to contend with long queues in the airport and minimal patience. Arriving there early enables you to have ample time and dealing with all check-in issues like catching shuttles to the appropriate terminal. Instead of driving yourself to the airport, have someone drop you there. That way you can save on inflated airport parking charges.

5. Ship extra luggage

Most airlines will charge extra fees for overweight luggage and on some occasions, carry-on bags. It is therefore advisable to evaluate whether it is more feasible to ship extra luggage to your travel destination in advance to avoid paying charges for excess weight on your luggage. Doing so would not only reduce the stress of handling too much luggage at check-in, but it would also save you some money.

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