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January 23, 2018

How To Get Ready For Multiple Country Business Trips

The honor of being chosen to go on a multi-country business trip to represent your company is fantastic. This does not mean that you are going to be on vacation as there will be meetings, pitches, training, or whatever else the trip entails. Preparing for this trip should be done as far in advance as possible when it comes to a variety of things.

Researching common business etiquette in the countries that you will be visiting is imperative. Something as simple as refusing a cup of tea in some countries can be seen as an insult. Showing up late is a death sentence in some countries like Germany while other countries set meeting times as a general guide of when to show up. The following are ways to get ready for a multiple country business trips.

Get Your Visas Ahead of Time If Possible

Getting your travel visa ahead of time is as easy as going online. For instance, finding an online visa application portal is extremely easy and can help reduce any issues you might have. This can include the instance of whether you are allowed in the country or not. Some countries have disqualifying details about a person which can include passport expiration or even crimes. Serious crimes can lead to the rejection of a person from a variety of countries. Most countries do not want to let a dangerous person or a person they perceive as dangerous into the country. Calling the local embassy usually will help iron out any of these details.

Use Layovers To Prep For Meetings

The travel time you have can be used to put the finishing touches on material for meetings or a presentation. Being as prepared as possible for the meetings will reflect well on you as well as your company. You want to do the best job possible not only for your career trajectory but also if you want to be sent on a trip like this again. Beware connecting to any public Wi-Fi as there may be hackers that could severely mess up a presentation if they get into your computer using a virus. Tether your computer to your phone to get internet without having to worry about security. Your company will most likely manage your business travel expenses and pay for an international data and phone plan as many starts as little as $10 to $15 a day.

Trains Can Be Better Than Flying In Some Parts of Europe

If you are trying to set up the travel details of your trip, it is important to remember that many parts of Europe are easily accessible via train. This is a comfortable way to travel, and cities like Budapest and Prague are only a few hours away. Waiting for a plane could take as long as the train trip especially if there are any delays. Driving is not suggested because some places are extremely dangerous to drive if you do not know the laws. Even if you know the laws, there are careless drivers throughout Europe such as Poland ranking near the worst on a yearly basis when accidents, deaths, and road conditions are analyzed.

Traveling for business can be great as it offers a getaway from the normal hustle and bustle of the office. Make sure to do your best on this trip as you might start to be the main person being sent on trips if you do well enough.

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