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Financial Tips for Medium Sized Businesses Looking to Fly Via Private Jet

There’s a lot of benefits for businesses which come with hiring a private jet. Not only can they help your company make a fantastic first impression, but they can also really benefit your employees. They’re more comfortable, quieter and allow faster business travel, but the question is, are they affordable?

The cost of hiring a private jet has certainly reduced in recent years. However, that doesn’t mean they’re going to be in the price range of every business. The good news is, there are ways to make flying via private jet more affordable and below you’ll discover how it can be done.

Consider sharing your flight

Often, the price of hiring a private jet can seem out of reach because you’re looking at hiring the entire jet. Even smaller private jets can cost a substantial fee to hire, but there is an option to share the jet to cut costs.

It may be worth reaching out to other local companies to see if they could benefit from private jet hire. If you were to share the cost, it could make private jet charter a realistic option.

Book an empty leg seat

Empty leg seats can also save you a huge sum of money. Top airlines such as Vista Jet, offer reduced cost flights on pre-defined departures. That is flights which are already heading to a destination which are either completely empty or have empty seats available. They even have an app where you can see deals nearby, or current empty leg seats available to your chosen destinations.

Obviously, you’ll need to be heading to any of the pre-defined locations at the specific times chosen, but it’s worth looking just in case.

Monthly membership options

Some airlines also offer monthly membership programs. These allow you to pay so much money per month to take as many flights as you like on a private jet. They’re especially popular in America with prices starting from $2000 per month, but you can also find excellent monthly membership prices in the UK too. This type of scheme would work best for businesses which fly frequently.

These are just three ways you can save money on private jet hire. When you take into account the benefits which come from the business private jet charter, it makes sense to opt for this form of travel if you can.

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