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September 4, 2019

Europe Has Become One Of The Safest Travel Destinations

Europe has not always been the safest destination for travel. Tourists are prone to being mugged, even when (or especially when) on a sleeper train. However, all that has changed in recent years. While the spectrum between the safest cities in Europe (Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Brasov) and the most dangerous (Kyiv, Athens, and Serbia, due to political unrest) continue to be rather broad, more and more cities are joining the safer end of the spectrum, allowing tourists to travel with a peace of mind.

Two of the top ten safest destinations belong to Europe

Tokyo sits fairly securely at the very top of the list. You could leave your front door open in this country, with gold scattered all over the floor and on your verandah and come home to find that someone has painstakingly organized everything in order of size or value. There are no reasons for you to go looking for ways to protect your home in this country. However, Europe also has two astounding cities that are part of that list. The first being Amsterdam, and another Copenhagen. Perhaps some might find it laughable that Amsterdam, a city densely populated with tourists and fighting over-tourism, is on the list. How is that even possible? Perhaps everyone is having too much of a good time to commit a crime.

Eastern Europe is an up and coming destination for being wallet-friendly

When you say Europe, people automatically conjure up images of Rome, Paris, Venice. While all that is fine and worthy of attention, it’s Eastern Europe which should be the first option for backpackers and students alike because it is incredibly affordable, unlike those commercialized tourist traps. On the list of top 8 must-see cities, according to Huffingtonpost, you cannot miss the ancient yet modern university city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. There is also the UNESCO site that looks straight out of a medieval fairytale in Estonia – a little city called Tallinn which celebrates Christmas all year round. For those who love the views of Santorini or Prosciutto, there is a cheaper alternative down by Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The most dangerous Western country in the world is…

The Land of the Free, the Land of Opportunity. Even though it has scored terribly on the list of most dangerous countries for solo female travelers, the country is still fighting immigrants off by the hordes.

“For women aged between 20 and 24, homicide is the third most likely way to die, which accounts for a staggering 7.5% of all deaths in this age group. And for black females in the same age group, homicide is responsible for a whopping 15.7% of deaths,” says a journalist on a mission to empower female travelers, citing that it is more comfortable, traveling as a man.

However, just because you are a man doesn’t mean you get a free pass. In high-risk neighborhoods such as Tijuana or Acapulco in Mexico, one wrong look may leave you lying in a ditch. At least, there is no such problem in Europe. The most dangerous thing that might happen is losing your passport and finding it later that day at the police station with nothing but cash missing.

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