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Colby Burke Explains Why Hilton Head Is the Ideal Traveling Destination

Finding a unique travel destination that is not going to host thousands of other tourists is borderline impossible nowadays. After all, most places that are popular for their attractions tend to be extremely busy year-round. Hence why going to New York City, per se, can often result in hours spent struggling through crowds and waiting for public transportation. Nevertheless, thousands of people still make an effort to visit the Concrete Jungle as the benefits of doing so outweigh the costs by a considerable margin.

Well, those that may not be as willing to sacrifice convenience for popularity can turn to places like Hilton Head. For those unfamiliar, this is an island-based town in South Carolina with a modest area of less than 70 square miles and a population that barely exceeds 40,000 people. In translation, it is quite the opposite of the mainstream travel destination that most people focus on. Nevertheless, the list of benefits that comes with visiting Hilton Head Island makes this experience worth the research. Colby Burke, a Hilton Head native, for instance, lists the town as one of his favorite hubs for both business and leisure. So, what exactly makes this tiny island so great from a traveler’s perspective?

Beautiful Scenery

Although South Carolina comes with a plethora of gorgeous landscapes and scenery, Hilton Head takes this to a brand-new level. The countless beaches and parks mixed with strategically placed resorts make the area rich in scenery that tourists will love. Moreover, there is enough variety to provide one with a long, seven-to-ten-day trip where they will be able to visit a different part of town each day. Thus, people can enjoy a prolonged stay in a relatively small area that echoes the large-city vibe given how many attractions there are.


Although it was mentioned, it is crucial to stress the benefits of accessibility when it comes to this island. Unlike most similar destinations, this hidden jewel in South Carolina is still hidden enough to where most seasoned travelers are not aware of it. Due to this, people are generally going to be able to visit it no matter what time of the year it is, and their stay will not be adversely impacted by oversaturation of tourists who are coming through the town.


According to Colby Burke, visiting an island is generally accompanied by plans of swimming, beachside walks, and similar. Well, the island in question practically lives and breathes this island vibe, and there are innumerable beaches that are accessible to the public. Not to mention that the weather tends to be nice and predictable enough to where people can make their plans long before they even arrive in South Carolina. So, the odds of being surprised by a multi-day rainstorm that will affect one’s schedule are very low.

One Size Fits All Indeed!

Unlike a lot of islands that tend to focus their tourism on water-based endeavors, South Carolina approaches things differently. Instead of over-emphasizing the water assets of the island, the state also invests a lot of capital into the attractions on land. So, those who visit this town will be eligible to get involved with anything from bike rides and hiking to guided tours through some of the historical locations that the region is famous for. After all, it is not a coincidence that magazines like Travel and Leisure have labeled this as the “Number One Island in the Continental U.S.” and “Number Two in the World”!

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