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Chartering a Private Jet is Now Uber Easy

We live in an on-demand world where instant gratification is available in almost every aspect of life; you want some Indian food, click, you have it, you want some new shoes, click you have them – you want to charter a private jet for a luxury getaway? No problem!

Enter a few of your personal details on the website of a company like Fly Victor, choose where you want to depart from, where you want to go to, and add the relevant dates, then select from the available options that you are presented with.

Will you travel on a Lear Jet 55, a Challenger 604 or one of the other top-flight options? It really has become uber easy book a journey on the most exclusive form of transportation that the planet has to offer.

The New Guard

Following the Uber model, there are now several companies who broker chartered private jets and so you won’t be flying privately per se, you will be sharing the flight with people who have taken the other available seats.

The new model has opened up flying privately to more people than ever before, as it has brought down the costs and made booking a flight more accessible. Up until recently, there were only around 150,000 regular private jet users, now the numbers are in the millions.

So what is the experience like?

An Exclusive Experience

One of the first things you are likely to notice about flying privately is that it is quicker, particularly if you opt not to use any major airports. There are no queues to check in or to board a private flight and once you are in the air, you climb to altitude quicker, fly higher and fly faster.

Private jets cruise above regular air traffic altitudes and therefore are able to pick up better winds, avoid poor weather conditions and other planes. It is not uncommon for the door to door journey to be 2 hours quicker than flying commercially.

The type of passengers you may find yourself sharing the flight with varies a great deal, but typical customers include successful entrepreneurs, company CEOs, models and people from sport and entertainment.

As you would expect these are bespoke services and so there is a myriad of options and add-ons when it comes to in-flight service and hospitality – you will be asked about what you require in advance of the flight. And, it is rumoured, that most private jet pilots will turn a blind eye to the use of mobile phones and so should you want to work online while flying or make a call, it is unlikely to be a problem.

Price and Value

The cost of chartering a private jet, on the face of things, still looks expensive when compared with commercial flying, however, when one considers all of the added value, it is clear to see why so many people are now using this as an option.

Flying by private jet is faster, it is more comfortable, you are afforded more privacy and more freedom whilst on board and there are no luggage weight restrictions. Oh, and it’s uber cool!

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