Best Disabled-Friendly Travel Destinations

The summer break is a period we all eagerly anticipate. The chance to hit the beach, explore a new country and take some much-needed time off work makes summer most people’s favorite time of year. However, for people with disabilities or limited mobility, holidays can seem to be a huge challenge or an impossible task. Whether you’re relying upon an electronic wheelchair or a used mobility scooter to get around, we’ve found some of the best destinations for disabled-friendly holidays.

Barcelona, Spain

sagrada familia barcelona spain

In Barcelona, the national tourism authority is emphasizing the importance of making travel accessible. This is great news because it means that 80% of the metro stations around the city are accessible for wheelchair users. Plus, using the buses is no problem for people who have a disability- 100% of the buses are accessible for wheelchair users. This means that getting around Barcelona and taking in the stunning landmarks, museums, and architecture is stress-free for people with disabilities. Additionally, wheelchair users receive priority when queuing and free access to popular attractions such as the Sagrada Família.

Sicily, Italy

plemmirio ale caruso, sicily

Italy is famous for its food and stunning coast but did you know it’s also well known for being extremely friendly for people with disabilities? Some companies are offering services for people with a range of disabilities, meaning they can experience adventurous activities alongside their family or friends. There are companies offering SCUBA diving for the blind and motor-impaired as well as off-roading and traditional fishing. The streets may be narrow, but they are relatively smooth, making it easy to get around. Most tourist sites and restaurants will offer wheelchair friendly access, even if it is not apparent at first. So don’t be put off by the many steps outside a building, people will be more than happy to help!

Melbourne, Australia


The public transport system in Melbourne is extremely accessible for people with limited mobility. The city is also very compact, which means you don’t have to travel far to experience everything there is to offer. There are many popular tourist attractions such as the zoo, parks and the Great Ocean Road which are all accessible by wheelchair-friendly public transport. Additionally, there are many restaurants across the city which are designed to be accessible for people with disabilities- so you won’t need to ask for help.


merlion, singapore

Singapore is an up-and-coming tourist destination. The modern city has risen in popularity over the past few years as it gains a reputation for being clean, luxurious and unique culture. The city has been committed to reducing barriers for people with disabilities for over 20 years, which really shows in its commitment to making public transport easy to use for people with visual and motor disabilities. Attractions range from the enormous botanic gardens to the popular zoo, and they are all within reach of the accessible mass rail transit and buses. So whether you want to explore the city alone or with your family, Singapore is ideal.

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