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September 16, 2019

10 Best Events in Prague and Its Surroundings for Autumn

The Czech Republic is an amazing place, and Prague encapsulates much of that rich European history as it sits precisely in the middle of Europe. Its useful proximity isn’t the only cause of its popularity though, as it is rife in folklore, historical monuments, and cheap beer.

Preparation for the trip is easy too, as the weather is tame, it isn’t a dangerous place, and it’s easily accessible. The things to bear in mind are the ETIAS for the Czech Republic, as these may be required for authorization, as well as converting to Czech currency (they’re not in the Euro).


Prague is full to the brim of cutting-edge designers, which is why Designblok is so successful. It’s considered the largest fashion and design event in central Europe. It opens in October and is an excellent experience for those interested in the Výstaviště exhibition and design in general.

World of Beauty & Spa

It is a trade fair for healthy lifestyle and cosmetics, where you’ll have the chance to meet the companies of the products you love using. It is a great place to find new trends, upcoming products, and body art.

Signal Light Festival

Signal Light is another fine use of Czech artists, where all of Prague’s major historical buildings light up into incredibly creative light displays. It runs after the sun goes down for five days in October and creates an incredible atmosphere.

Prosecco & Food Festival 2019

Visiting the Žluté lázně may be a good idea for the party-goers and prosecco lovers. It’s more than just that though, as it becomes a party with street food, entertainment, and ice cream – making this child-friendly.

Christmas Markets

Visiting the Old Town Square in November will provide you with classical music, market stools, lit-up trees, street food, and hand-crafted goods. It’s a great place to come and pick out some Christmas presents and enjoy some mulled wine (svařák).

Bengál 2019

Bengál is the opposite of a digital festival, running the first three weeks of September. The aim of the festival is for visitors to explore the minimal use of digital resources and to get in touch with nature. Fire, wine, singing, and returning to the analogue era are all elements of the Bengál festival.

Jack Daniel’s Presents Burgerfest 2019

It is a fun food festival to attend that lasts a whole weekend in September. Entry is between CZK 100 – 150 and has over 30,000 people interested on Facebook. It is time to enjoy some music while eating some of the finest MEGA stout burgers.

The Multidisciplinary Academic Conference

If economics and e-learning interests you, then this conference can be fantastic. It explores the latest innovative approaches to issues in economics, marketing, and management. This conference runs for two days in the middle of October.

Michael Bublé

World-renowned Michael Bublé is set to perform in the 02 Arena in Prague, which will attract a lot of attention. The swing-singer puts on an excellent live performance and tends to visit Prague fairly often.

International Prague Car Festival

The car festival isn’t just an ordinary show display of old cars. It’s focused on providing genuine insight into the solutions of performance, car enhancement, wheels, and paint care. For car lovers, this niche and in-depth car festival will exceed your expectations.

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