Assad: Ceasefire can be signed in Prague

December 1, 2015

Syrian president says Prague is acceptable because of its ‘balanced position’

Damascus, Prague, Nov 30 (ČTK) — Syrian President Bashar al-Assad can imagine a ceasefire agreement being signed in Prague, an option spoken about by President Miloš Zeman in September, Assad told the public broadcaster Czech Television (ČT).

Zeman said the Syrian government and opposition leaders now negotiating on a ceasefire were interested in signing the final declaration in Prague. They started calling it the Prague declaration, he added.

When asked whether the pact could be signed not in Vienna or Geneva, where the talks are now underway, but in Prague, Assad replied that naturally, if Syrians are asked, they do not want a peace conference in France because it supports terrorism and war, not peace.

When a mention is made of Prague, this would be generally accepted due to the balanced position of the Czech Republic, he added.

ČT will broadcast the whole interview on Tuesday. The first information has suggested that Syrian refugees and possible terrorists among them were spoken about.

When asked whether Europe should fear the refugees or help them, Assad replied that most Syrians were good people, but there were also terrorists among them, while it is not known how many of them are terrorists.

Zeman said in New York in September that he would not be opposed to signing the ceasefire declaration in the Czech Republic provided the pact were concluded by democratic opposition leaders, not terrorist organizations also fighting in Syria.

Throughout the war in Syria, the Czech Republic has maintained its embassy there. It also represents the interests of the countries that have withdrawn their ambassadors from Damascus, including the USA that takes part in the peace talks.

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