Some older Škoda cars may have rigged VW engines

Škoda Auto no longer using diesel engines enabling pollution cheating

Prague, Sept 22 (ČTK) — Carmaker Škoda Auto is no longer using in Europe Volkswagen’s TDI engines that circumvented emission measuement , but it was using them in its older car models, the company’s spokesman Jozef Baláž told the Czech news Agency today.

The Volkswagen concern, into which Škoda Auto belongs, may be fined up to $18 billion for emission control cheating in the United States. The affair has spread across the whole world, for example, France has proposed to solve the case at the EU level.

The US Environmental Protection Agency on Friday accused Volkswagen of using software that during noxious emission measurement cheated on US authorities.

The Volkswagen concern conceded today that in some TDI diesel engines it installed into the control unit software that was able to detect emission control and switch to a lower-emission regime. The adjustment reportedly concerns 11 million cars worldwide.

The engines were used also in older versions of Škoda Auto’s models Škoda Rapid, Fabia, Roomster, Octavia and Superb, for example.

“Škoda Auto was also using engines of the EA 189 series from the Volkswagen group. The important thing is that all its current models offered in the EU are equipped with engines meeting the demands of the Euro 6 norm and rules and laws in the environmental area,” Baláž said.

“Divergences in laboratory emission measurements have been registered by older-generation engines EA 189,” he added.

Czech Transport Minister Dan Ťok intends to use the same procedures as Germany in connection with the affair, Tok told CTK.

He first wants to see whether cars using software that cuts emissions during tests but not during normal use are also in Europe.

“We are now watching how the thorough controls of diesel engines of company Volkswagen proceed. The problem has appeared only in the USA thus far,” Tok said.

“It will be important to see whether there are such cars also in Europe and what course of action Germany will take. We will hold talks about it in the coming days. This does not mean anything for the users of such cars,” he added.

The Transport Ministry is to hold talks about the topic probably on Wednesday.

The maximum allowed emissions are set by EU norms, at the moment Euro 6. It sets the limits of noxious emissions in exhaust fumes of petrol and diesel oil engines for motor vehicles.

“Setting of emission limits for concrete vehicles is made by independent testing laboratories accredited by the state,” Automotive Industry Association (SAP) director Antonín Šípek told ČTK.

He would not dare to estimate what impact the affair will have on the domestic automotive market.

The scandal around noxious emission measurement circumventing by German car maker Volkswagen can have a fatal impact not only on the price of the company’s shares but also on the whole sector, analysts addressed by ČTK today said.

Volkswagen’s shares are not traded on the Prague Stock Exchange (BCPP) but thousands of Czechs hold the shares, for hundreds of millions of crowns in total. Volkswagen’s shares lost nearly 40 percent of their value in two days.

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