Ebola in Prague?

Man with suspected Ebola virus hospitalized in Prague

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Prague, Oct 9 (ČTK) The Czech Republic registers its first case of suspected Ebola virus disease of a Czech man, born in 1958, who returned from Liberia 22 days ago, chief sanitary officer Vladimír Valenta told ČTK today.

The man, who has fever but no other Ebola symptoms, was preventively taken to Prague’s Na Bulovce hospital, Valenta added.

Valenta stressed that it was a mere suspicion of the disease.

“As the only symptom has been fever so far, we hope that it might be another disease, for instance, malaria,” he told ČTK. “At present all people whom he has met since he returned home are being searched for.”

However, Ebola is not contagious during the incubation period, which is 21 days in this case.

In mid-September, sanitary officers checked an Ebola suspicion in the case of a young man from Tanzania studying at the university in Pardubice, east Bohemia. However, they ruled out the Ebola infection immediately. The student probably suffered from malaria he may have caught in the Congo where he visited his girlfriend.

Part of the infectious diseased clinic at the Na Bulovce hospital has been designated for the monitoring of patients with suspected Ebola virus. Its medical staff are training special treatment methods to completely eliminate the spread of the disease.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 3,439 have died of Ebola as of Oct. 1 out of a total of 7,492 people taken ill with the disease since the virus started spreading in West Africa, mainly in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, in the spring. On average, 60 percent of people infected with the virus will die.

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