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office headsets
October 1, 2017

Your guide to buying office headsets

Top things to look out for when buying office headsets

Buying office headsets might be a harder task than you would have believed initially. Sure, you can just buy the first cheap pair you find and be done with it, but that isn’t exactly going to influence your business positively. If you are aiming for a quality oriented business model, then you are probably ready to spend both time and money looking for adequate headset solutions.

There are multiple types of headsets, and it’s up to you to determine which fits your needs best. While you have the final say, we can, however, help you get to that point by offering you some information about the things you should pay attention to when buying headphones.

1. The type of connection used

Headsets usually come in two forms as far as connectivity is concerned. You can either get corded headsets which obviously come with a cord, or wireless headsets which do not require any physical connectivity between device and headset. There are benefits to both versions, but here’s what you need to know about them individually:

  • Corded headsets are considered the older technology, but that can be a good thing because while they’re still very efficient, they come at much lower price points. This means that if you don’t have a really big budget, you can squeeze in a lot more of these types of headsets for a reduced price.
  • Wireless headsets for instance, do not rely on a physical cable to maintain a connection. These are a little more expensive than the corded versions but come with the valuable feature of allowing the user to move freely. Those using wireless headsets are no longer confined to their desks.

2. Using a reliable brand

Just like in any other industry, you can find dozens of headset manufacturers that don’t look that much different from one another. However, you can single out a couple of the really good brands which a lot of people are vouching for. The popular brand isn’t always the best one, but generally speaking, a company that garners a lot of attention is worth putting on a shortlist for headset brands simply because they have an increased chance of producing superior quality products.

3. Being comfortable when using your headset

It’s not all about functionality and connectivity. Another essential aspect of office headsets is the fact that they need to be comfortable. If they aren’t comfy to wear, it won’t be long before it becomes a torture for the users. Speaking of users, they must wear headsets that they enjoy and can live with for a long period of time since you don’t change them every day. Thus personal taste is a major factor as well.

4. Headset band style

Headsets can come with an over-the-head style, meaning that there is a band crossing straight over your head, or over-the-ears, which usually goes around and doesn’t touch the hair. The latter is more popular with women or people with more intricate hairdos, as it won’t mess up the hair.

People with short hair or without a hairdo to mess up are usually leaning towards the former however as it is the more reliable and stable version. That goes beyond preferences and into the realm of pure facts, as having a band over your head will provide a lot more stability for your headset than if you were to simply have a band that goes behind your head, only relying on the little support provided by the ears.

In conclusion, picking out great headsets for your office isn’t an impossible task if you’re not that into gadgets, but it’s best to show it the attention it deserves. With the headset market being flooded with second-grade products, it’s incredibly easy to walk into a store and pick up a bad product from the shelf.

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