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August 10, 2017

Why You Should Use A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an internet technology used to secure connection between two devices connected to the internet. VPN helps in adding cyber privacy and security to public and private networks such as internet and Wi-Fi hotspots. VPN helps businessmen to connect to data servers and data centers remotely. On the other hand, VPN helps individuals to encrypt and secure internet connection when using unsecured or untrusted public and private networks. Virtual Private Network also helps people to connect to any network resource when they are not physically connected using the same local area network.

What happens when you connect to a VPN?

As earlier discussed, VPN is an important tool in ensuring a secure internet connection. When you want to connect to a Virtual Private Network, you must have an already installed encryption service provider. You log in with your details and the trusted computer communication key. Once your computer is connected, and credentials have been verified, the connection is secure and encrypted.

VPN encrypts your connection by ensuring that all the data you receive and send is secure from hackers and prying individuals.

Benefits of using VPN

1. Privacy

Privacy is an important factor to consider before you connect to any internet. Did you know it is easy to identify when you are connected? When you connect to a network, you leave traces of your details such as your internet provider and IP address. These online details can be used to reveal your information. Aggressive government agents and marketing companies can be able to find your location, address, and location.

Whenever you go online, ensure that you connect to a secure VPN. VPN will help secure your privacy as you will be only be identified by VPN preferred virtual IP address, internet provider, and location. Your details and IP address will remain encrypted.

2. Security

Cyber security is one of the biggest challenges in the world. When your phone or computer is connected to the internet, millions of hackers, viruses, and malicious programs are watching you. The data you send and receive may also be intercepted, altered or edited.

Antivirus and firewall programs are not enough to protect your connection. They only protect your computer. Nevertheless, they do not protect what you communicate with the globe. Therefore, CPN comes in hand. VPN helps in protecting an unsecured connection remotely. It is important to connect to VPN especially when you are using public networks such as airport and hotel Wi-Fi. A rule of the thumb is that “you should not consider any network secure as data flows through several routers.” Attackers and hackers can compromise your data at any point in the connection.

When an online connection is compromised, the harm you experience will be minimal if you are using a VPN. The hacker will not be able to identify your internet provider and remote resources you are connected to.

3. Access to restricted internet connections

Some remote resources such as universities, online radios, governmental institutions and online TVs only allow connection to clients with a particular internet connection or geographical location. Some organizations and companies can block students and employees from connecting to some websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix.

The only solution to these restrictions is the use of VPN. VPN can alter your geographical location, IP address, and internet provider. It allows you to circumnavigate to any desired remote details.

4. Better and faster connectivity

At a certain point, you can experience poor and slow connections especially on remote resources that are far from your physical location. The internet bandwidth can be limited to a connection in some geographical areas.

To have a better and faster connection, VPN is the only available solution. VPN can allow you ISP to be differentiated from local resources to international resources or verse vice.

Many internet connections will only allow some users to share information faster and easier. Others will not allow some users to play games.

5. Bypass filters

In some countries such as China, some websites are blocked, and residents are not allowed to access them. VPN is an important tool in bypassing the internet filters and unblocking such connections. This is the main reason as to why many internet users in countries like China use VPN to bypass internet censorship laws.

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