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February 17, 2021

Why Online Casinos are Dominating the Casino Industry

Casino gaming has been one unique form of gambling that has been around over the past decades. With entertainment being offered alongside a chance to win a lot of money, casinos have propelled the growth of the gambling industry and given it a form of dynamism. However, if you’re asking Kasinohai then recent trends have shown that players are shifting their gambling interests from regular brick and mortar casinos to online casinos.

This shift is one major factor that has helped the continuous growth of the casino industry. Most of the revenue in the industry is generated through these online casinos due to the vast popularity it has gained.

While everyone has a different reason for choosing online casinos, here are a few factors that have made online casinos dominant in the casino industry.

The Internet

There has been no other development in our time that has made a major impact more than the internet. With the far-reaching exploits made possible through the use of the internet, the world is well interconnected in a way never thought possible. It is this interconnection that has contributed to the growth of the online casino industry. Everyone surfs the internet daily looking for new information and trends. Awareness is made about online casinos through ads and interested players are given a chance to try out their luck from any part of the world. In the US for example, certain laws prohibit the hosting of online gambling games from within the perimeter of a state even when gambling is made legal in its jurisdiction. The internet has given US players a chance to explore this legality. Online casinos hosted outside the country are allowed to be patronized and this can only be done over the internet. This has given the online casinos a vast reach and broken the political and territorial boundaries available in the real physical world.

Convenience and Ease of Access

Another factor that has aided the revolutionary growth of online casinos is the comfort it brings to players. Websites are accessed through different gadgets that have been made comforting for different occasions. Laptops and mobile phones have brought the most comfort to 21st-century humans, giving us a chance to access the internet from anywhere and at any time.

This is another major factor that has helped online casinos to claim a stand at the top. Players are given relatively easy access to their favorite casino games while in the comfort of their homes or anywhere that makes them comfortable.

Game Variety

One feature of casinos is the entertainment they offer alongside a chance to make an unmatched profit. Entertainment is tied to the different games available to players to keep themselves engaged. The larger the number of games available to players, the more satisfied customers are. This dynamism helps to fulfill the distinct preferences of casino players.

While a single ‘brick and mortar’ casino provides a sufficient but limited number of games, one online casino can host thousands of games on its website. This has helped the online casinos appeal to a wider range of players than their brick and mortar counterparts.


Promos and bonus offers are features of online casinos that have helped to bolster their increasing popularity. ‘Brick and mortar’ casinos rarely give players a chance to save some money in their quest for gambling success. Online casinos, on the other hand, do this somewhat as a birthright. Virtually all online casinos offer startup bonuses to their new customers. Bonuses range from free spins to outright money discounts. This has helped to entice players into, at least, trying them out.

Payment Options

The world has gone digital and every industry has looked for a way to be carried along with this development. Financial advancements have been made to make payments way easier than they were. E-wallets, Debit/credit cards, and even cryptocurrency have been incorporated into the financial network around the world to make international dealings effortless. Nonetheless, ‘brick and mortar’ casinos have done little to follow up on this trend. Bets and winnings are mostly funded by direct cash payments. This hasn’t done well in keeping players well covered. Online casinos, on the other hand, have completely infused this development as a form of necessity. Players are allowed to choose how they want to pay and be paid. E-wallets, Billing Cards, and cryptocurrency are the order of the day, every day. The convenience and dynamism players derive from this has helped to retain their interests in the online casinos.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

The adaption of the most advanced technological developments in the online casino industry has helped to peel off any advantage ‘brick and mortar’ casinos may have had on them. Players are delivered live dealer games that help to bring back the human interactive aspect of regular casinos. Players get to play against real humans and enjoy all the adrenaline and sensation of playing at brick-and-mortar casinos. Players are also given a personalized gambling experience thanks to Artificial Intelligence. These two features have helped online casinos and other gambling industries to provide a more wholesome gambling experience.

These different features have helped the online casinos and online gambling industry as a whole to maintain a sturdy advantage over their ‘brick and mortar’ counterparts.

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