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October 9, 2017

Where to spend bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s popularity and adoption rate have seen a significant increase in particular, with the price climbing by over 340% this year alone. This rise has drawn the attention of thousands of people and with them, hundreds of new services. It comes as no surprise, given the trustless nature of Bitcoin, which makes it more secure, convenient, and appealing in comparison to many other payment methods. For those reasons, spending your Bitcoins today is easier than ever before.

This article will show you a handful of places that accept Bitcoin, where you can do so with ease; from shopping online to traveling, or entertainment purposes.

Shopping Online

Gyft and eGifter offer a wide range of gift cards from popular websites and services, like Amazon, eBay, Google Play, iTunes, etc., and even food and travel services. They are mostly limited to US residents. However, some gift cards that can be redeemed and used online are fine if your region is set to the US on the respective service. If you live in Europe, there are other options such as GiftOff, which, at the time of writing, does not have a selection of gift cards nearly as robust as the previously mentioned ones. Instead, GiftOff gives you the ability to use a wide range of cryptocurrencies via ShapeShift (such as Litecoin or Ethereum).

Alternatively, Purse.io allows you to purchase items from most Amazon sites directly with Bitcoin. They offer two options for purchases, “Name Your Discount” and “Buy Now.” Name Your Discount supports most Amazon sites, while Buy Now is only available for shipping addresses located in the US.

All4btc.com is a website that lets you “Pay for Anything with Bitcoin,” and it’s as simple as pasting a link to any product, entering your shipping address, and sending over the Bitcoins. The service then places the order for you and manages the communication with the merchant. Popular services supported by All4btc are eBay and Alibaba, with the list including over 1000 sites in total.

OpenBazaar is a fully decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace where you can buy and sell anything without any restrictions whatsoever. Due to the p2p nature of the service, there are no fees associated with purchases and orders, and they are directly processed between seller and buyer.

Steam, the most prominent online store for digital PC games, also accepts Bitcoin. You can add funds to your Steam Wallet directly, or you can choose to purchase games and software. Indiegala, another digital gaming store, lets you buy games in bundles and individually with Bitcoin. The reason you’d buy games rather than buying on Steam is that they offer discounted prices regularly.

Other Services

Web hosting: Namecheap and QHoster both allow you to buy web hosting, domains, dedicated servers, and more while paying with Bitcoin.

Traveling: If you’re looking to spend your Bitcoins for a vacation, CheapAir lets you do so with a surprisingly easy to use interface. Search for flights with fixed or flexible dates, hotels, and even cars to pick you up.

If what you seek is purely entertainment, gambling might be what you want.

Debit card services: For everything else that you need a debit card to pay with, CryptoPay and AdvCash let you order both Plastic and Virtual cards if desired. There are even more possibilities to spend your Bitcoin.

All the previously mentioned are well-established and trusted websites and/or services. However, please always do your own research before spending.

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