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October 14, 2020

What Are the Biggest Cybersecurity Threats Today?

Many businesses simply would not be able to operate without regular internet access. Internet access is essential to numerous daily business operations. This allows companies to communicate with various branches around the globe, allows employees to stay in touch with each other while working remotely, and provides businesses with access to information that allowed them to make decisions quickly and efficiently. At the same time, this added access also comes with an increased risk of a cyber attack. All businesses need to keep up with some of the biggest cybersecurity threats today. There are several examples that all companies have to know.

Phishing Attacks Are Still a Major Problem

One of the biggest cybersecurity threats out there today remains a phishing attack. All companies need to educate their employees on how a phishing attack works. When this attack is executed, a hacker is essentially tricking an employee into surrendering his or her login credentials via email or social media. Then, the hacker will use these login credentials to access sensitive information. For companies to guard against this threat, all employees must know that the company is never going to ask them to surrender their login credentials virtually. Then, employees will be able to spot phishing attacks more easily and prevent them from taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the company’s security.

Ransomware Attacks Are a Major Issue

Another significant cybersecurity threat today comes in the form of ransomware attacks. For those who might not know, a ransomware attack is executed by a hacker and is designed to completely lock up a company’s system. When a ransomware attack takes place, the hacker uses advanced coding to encrypt all of the company’s files. Then, the hackers going to demand a ransom in exchange for releasing these files.

Even though the company’s technology professional can take a look at the ransomware and try to find ways to decrypt the files manually, this is going to take a tremendous amount of time. Every day that the company spends being unable to access its network, it is going to lose a significant amount of money. Furthermore, ransomware attacks in some industries, such as healthcare, can be life-threatening because they could take essential medical equipment offline. Therefore, it is important to employ advanced security measures to prevent ransomware attacks remember taking place.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

This is another major cybersecurity threat. When this type of attack is executed, the goal is to completely overwhelm the company’s network, preventing it from responding to even the most basic of commands. Essentially, by being unable to respond to commands from the network’s users, the entire network is taken offline. The best way to prevent this attack is to probe the network regularly and code for any vulnerabilities that might be present. By conducting a regular network audit, companies can identify holes in their system and patch them before a hacker finds them.

Protect Against Cybersecurity Threats

These are just a few of the biggest cybersecurity threats to companies today. All businesses need to make sure that they plan and are aware of the major threats presented by these possible home abilities. It is also a good idea for companies to make sure that they keep up with the latest advances when it comes to digital security. By employing advanced malware, businesses will be able to prevent some of the attacks that are included on this list.

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