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Simple Tips to Convert Your Video Files to Text

Videos are an emerging method to get the word across your audiences effectively. They are interactive, elaborate, and easy to understand for all. Technically speaking, a 1-min video might leave a more striking impact than a 1-min reading on your listeners. That, combined with the fact that it’s an excellent option for all purposes, be it marketing, education, or entertainment, is why it’s thriving on all platforms. But unfortunately, every tool has its limitations.

In the case of videos, the problem is that it’s an audio and video package that people can’t appreciate wherever they are. They’d be needing earpieces and headphones to listen to them at all times, whether they are on the bus or in the metro. Plus, there’s also a valid concern that they can’t pay attention to watching them as they walk across the streets. Adding to these challenges is the physically disabled community that has special needs. For them to experience your content live everyone else, you need to take some measures or cut down your audience.

Fortunately, the most suitable solution to all these problems is to add text to your video. It may seem like going in the reverse direction at a glance, but the more you think about it, the more sense it makes. People can read subtitles over silent videos, it’s better for SEO, convenient to find search relevant content, and you can later put those words to other uses, like a blog or eBook. That is why voice-over transcript solutions are rapidly gaining popularity among people who frequently share video content with their followers.

If you are a content creator who can benefit from this option in the future, then you can use these simple tips to convert your video files to text. That should help you enjoy all the gains from it and make way for you to set your other plans in motion.

Pick A Method

You have a couple of options when it comes to transcribing video to text. You can choose to take it upon yourself to do it, which would require you to know the skillful use of a computer. The job would include a bunch of tasks, like carefully watching the video multiple times, breaking into smaller divisions, manually writing the transcripts, and then synchronizing the file with the video. It might take a considerable amount of time, but you will get satisfactory results.

If you wish to make your life easier, you can outsource it to some professionals in the field. You can ask for it to get done automatically, which is slightly inaccurate or get the human transcription service, which takes more time and money but pleases you with the services. Multiple renowned voices over transcript platforms can help you in this regard.

If you are doing it yourself:

Watch The Video 

If you are planning to do it yourself, you need to start by watching it in segments of 5 to 10 seconds. It helps to take things slow for beginners, or you might get frustrated and quit. There’s also more errors and mistakes if speed is the highlight of all your work. Keep going at this pace, and gradually increase the length of these as you get the hang of things.

Generating The Text Transcript

Creating the transcripts might sound easy, as all you need to do is write down the subtitles and add them to the file, but there’s a lot more to it. Your approach changes with the kind of video file you are working with and what you wish to achieve with the transcription.

If the goal is to make notes or place references, then you only need subtitles dialogues in words. However, if it’s a movie or web series, then your work might get slightly tricky. You will need to pay close attention to background sounds and effects and add them as the description to let your reader know what’s going on.

Ensuring Video-Transcript Synchrony

If you got this far, then what’s left is to check for errors and improve your work quality. Go through the video file with the transcriptions again and see if the text and dialogues are synchronized. If you feel that you can edit the timestamps for a particular section to make them appear at a better time for referencing and pointers, then do it. Once done, your video is ready to go online fresh out of the oven.

If you are taking help from online:

Upload File On The Server

If you are using a software or another platform, you need to upload the video file you wish to transcribe. Alternatively, you can also provide the link of the host website where the video exists.

Adjust The Settings As Per Requirements

Different online platforms and software offer different options for transcribing your video. You should know that the quality of work varies with these settings, so having clear goals while making your choice might help.

Going for automatic transcription might take less time and money, but the results are likely to have some flaws. If you need to have a rough text file attached to the video, it’s best to consider it. Its quick, cheap, easy, and readily available service.

If not, then you can find a human transcription service on some portals. These are more accurate, but cost more money and take longer to generate. It’s not the popular choice amongst users, but it’s an alternative if the nature of your work demands that. You can also speed up this process by paying extra, but all that depends on your requirements.

Wait For Final Result

After the last stage, all you need to do is wait for the process to run its course. Depending on the settings you chose and the length of the file, you might estimate when you should expect it.

Automatic video transcription might get done in as little as a couple of minutes. However, if you chose the human transcription service, you might have to wait for a couple of hours. A long video can take well over 12 hours to have a suitable transcription file for it.


So, there are various ways to convert your video files to text. Try to make a sensible choice depending on your needs related to the project while exploring your options. If you only wish to learn from the experience of doing it, then it’s preferable to take it upon yourself. But, if it’s for commercial or professional purposes, then best consider getting some help.

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