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April 11, 2020

Pros and Cons of Android Vs. Apple

A few years ago, you could have iOS releasing their app, and Android users would have to wait to get the new releases. At times, Android users would wait for quite some time before they could get the apps. Now things are different, when there is a new release, it is available on both operating systems, and the users don’t have to wait. Even with these advancements, if there is any big rivalry in technology, it is between iPhone and Android. Many people ask themselves: what is better, Android or iPhone? It isn’t an easy question to answer since both iPhone and Android have their advantages and disadvantages, meaning they suit different people. If you want to know which of these technologies is your best pick, you need to know the pros and cons of Android vs. Apple. So, let’s look at their advantages and flaws for both devices before you consider seeking guarantor loans to purchase one.

Apple Pros: It’s Exclusive

If you use Apple, you find that it possesses the feature of exclusiveness, and that’s a big plus. While there are so many pros and cons associated with iPhone, exclusiveness is the most highlighted advantage. You find that Apple has features and apps that are available only to their devices. Consider the Apple Music app; for instance, users could not download the app outside of Apple, not until months after the release. So, users wanting to listen to the latest music releases on their phone, they couldn’t. Users who had an iPhone during that time, though, they didn’t have restrictions.

Apple Cons: It’s Expensive 

When you look at the works of Steve Jobs and Apple, whatever they create turns out to be the most luxurious of the smartphones. Among the major cons in Apple is that the products are expensive. So their demand is lower. Look at the price, and you will see it reflects this point. Even refurbished smartphones tend to fetch hundreds of dollars. If you are considering switching to Apple products, you need to realize that they don’t come cheap. You will have to pay more.

Android Pros: Fewer Limitations

It’s cool to be in the Apple group; however, you will be underwhelmed. Take, for example, when you want to view a video – whether music or some other stuff through an online browser, it won’t work on Apple phone because Flash Player is not available. You will need to jailbreak your phone if you want to access sites like YouTube since they are unavailable most of the time. However, cross over to the other side of the world – the Android group. Things here are different. You find that a majority of the items you access from your desktop are available on your Android device. Users don’t have to worry about their browsing experience being of low quality. They can access YouTube, Vimeo, and other channels.

Android Cons: Quite Vulnerable 

If you have been keen on issues of security pertaining to the two systems, you’ll find that Apple doesn’t suffer the scale of cyber attack you see in Android. Hackers have an easy time doing their business with Android. For whatever reason, Android continues to let cyber attacks take their toll their systems while Apple keeps its defense strong. Some people may argue that better coding is what sets the two technologies apart, but others don’t believe so. That being said, if you are going to use Android devices, you need to be very careful. Your device is more vulnerable than if you use an Apple device.


While both Android and Apple are accessible, some things tend to place them apart. You need to know what you are getting yourself into before you choose Android over Apple or vice versa. So, if you are going to get cheap persona loans from Nowloan to purchase yourself a device, you should have known which one suits your needs between Android and iPhone.

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