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Popular Mobile Application Development Trends of 2019

If yours is an online business, you must have noticed the changing digital trends and practices. Last year was phenomenal because of technological advancements. That doesn’t cease the expansion. There’s more to expect as you cross through 2019.

The domain of mobile application development has been changing at a fast pace. This year, it has come up with some of the critical trends. A few important ones are discussed below:

1. The blockchain technology

Launched a few years back, we know that blockchain technology had created a stir back in 2018. Some of the leading investors and financial institutions have leveraged the advantages, more so concerning the assets. As per the Transparency Market Research, the blockchain technology segment is expected to record $20 billion by 2024. It means this trend will get noticed significantly all through 2019. It is because mobile apps will get capitalized in a decentralized currency environment.

It is essential to know that the app developers are all set and interested to dive into this scope. A probable way to attain this is by allowing technology to get accessed by more investors as well as people. To know more about this, you can seek the assistance of a reputable online branding firm.

2. Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is nothing new when we are focusing on 2018! The International Data Corporation suggests that the expected AI market will make close to $40 billion by 2020. It establishes the fact that several sectors want a blend of human intelligence and system integration. Today, both the medical and manufacturing service segments have taken the attempt to improve efficiency making use of AI. It can render high accuracy in real-time.

3. The on-demand apps will increase

There are more interesting changes you can expect in the app domain. Today, there are several on-demand apps already. The most crucial aspect of this trend is that you will get to see increased apps in 2019. Today, popular brands such as Uber have gained immense prominence, because of the on-demand apps. Research indicates that the on-demand platform has already accumulated $106.83 million by the year 2017. In future years, this trend is here to increase.

4. Incorporating wearable apps

Back in the year 2018, the medical sector has used wearable apps daily. For example, these apps were utilized to procure essential details such as the blood sugar levels and the heart rate in the patients. Other than the medical arena, there are several companies are interested in making ways to include this development. The main advantage of advanced wearable apps is improving people’s personality and style. And this takes place along with the rapid growth of the Smartwatches.

However, there’s a chance that the Smartwatches will have several fancy apps as well. Many companies will want their services to get used for the Smartwatches. It ensures that you can keep doing other sets of activities without making use of the Smartphone or the tablet device.

5. The chatbots

2019 will witness the chat boats making their presence felt in various communications section in the entire mobile app world. And a specific part of this comes from the requirement of having a real-time interaction between the customers and the service providers. Here’s something essential to keep in mind! This technology can evade the necessity of human-to-human communication in multiple areas.

Today, the leading companies are generating extra profit owing to the increased customer involvement. Mobile users often neglect mobile apps after using for a while. And chat bots got created to manage this issue. Additionally, the firms will compete against one another to outshine one another using advanced chatbot applications.

6. The Internet of Things Trend

Carefully analyze other relevant industry sectors in the market! It will help you to understand that the Internet of Things today has started to march towards operations. And the development is anticipated to move one notch high this year. It is because sectors like e-commerce and academics are capitalizing on this trend.

The growing prominence of this platform gets stimulated by multiple interlinking aspects of a company. Hence, various entities can experience quick and secure data access inside the company.

7. Virtual reality and augmented reality

It is impossible to go ahead with the list, if you don’t add virtual and augmented reality. Back in 2018, the technology has gained popularity, and in 2019 it will continue to be more accessible. The efficiency of this application is that it can provide an interactive and perceptive user experience.

Today, the majority of mobile app development companies are expanding their investment on technologies that are beyond the screen. According to the reports shared by Statista, the market is all set to touch $209 billion by 2022.

8. Introducing more instant apps

If you are focusing on memory-effective and user-friendly services, you will undoubtedly consider the world of mobile apps. Today, this app platform has gained much popularity amidst the mobile users. The trend will continue favorably in the forthcoming years as well. And most of it is because users don’t need to get these applications installed to leverage the services. A few apps such as the

OneFootball or New York Times Crossword fall in this category.

The significant advantage is that these apps can grow the user base. And gradually, the smart investors interested in this segment will get to experience the best profits annually.

9. The mobile payment solutions

This year even the banking platforms will not lag. It is because of the increasing mobile application development. And this is the precise reason as to why you will have better mobile payment choices in 2019 and the years to come. The growth of e-commerce along with other online solutions will help the banks to ensure that the payment processes are more streamlined and easier.

These are some of the essential mobile application development trends that you need to stay aware of in 2019. And here you can expect AI to make its impact felt uniform.

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