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netflix tv streaming
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How Modern Day Streaming Will Take Over Television

We often hear people getting addicted to Netflix or streaming videos of their favorite shows on the internet. Once upon a time cable connection was the only way to watch your current favorite shows. But standing at the end of 2017, we can observe and say that the intrusion made by online videos and streaming… Keep Reading

virtual private network
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The Lazy Man’s Guide To VPN for MAC

A VPN, just as the name suggests is a specialized software that sets up a private network, especially when the user is using the Internet. It uses a mechanism such as encryption to enhance the privacy of the user to avoid data leakage. VPN is a service that one signs up for, and then they… Keep Reading

mobile phone evolution
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The Evolution of Mobile Phones

If you are of a certain age, you will remember when mobile phones first started to become mainstream in the 1980s. This was when they were often used by so-called yuppies – city workers with filo-faxes and suits who could often be seen in the street speaking on their mobiles. Sadly, the mobiles that they… Keep Reading

embedded analytics
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3 Reasons Embedded Analytics Represents the Future of Business Intelligence

The overwhelming majority of software vendors believe embedded analytics represent the future of business intelligence, mainly because these same vendors predict that three-quarters of their company’s future revenue will be the product of embedded business intelligence tools sales. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that almost nine out of every 10 software vendors view… Keep Reading

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Where to spend bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s popularity and adoption rate have seen a significant increase in particular, with the price climbing by over 340% this year alone. This rise has drawn the attention of thousands of people and with them, hundreds of new services. It comes as no surprise, given the trustless nature of Bitcoin, which makes it more secure,… Keep Reading

Antivirus software
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5 Top Antivirus Products for Your Business

Businesses these days are heavily reliant on technology to operate on a day to day basis. We have a huge amount of valuable data on our systems, and this includes both personal and sensitive data in some cases. Advanced digital technology has made life far easier for the typical business, there is no doubt about… Keep Reading

office headsets
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Your guide to buying office headsets

Top things to look out for when buying office headsets Buying office headsets might be a harder task than you would have believed initially. Sure, you can just buy the first cheap pair you find and be done with it, but that isn’t exactly going to influence your business positively. If you are aiming for… Keep Reading

Bitcoin cryptocurrency
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Bitcoin Bites Back: Cryptocurrency steps into the mainstream despite setbacks

Bitcoin is slowly moving from an online niche investment into more traditional savings plans such as Individual Retirement Accounts. As with more traditionally funded IRA’s, there are some significant tax benefits to a cryptocurrency retirement plan. Anyone that holds an IRA is legally entitled to deduct their contributions from their income tax returns every year,… Keep Reading

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Top 5 Must Have Instagram Marketing Tools of 2017

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms in today’s world. It is likely to grow even more and has as much audience as Facebook. Instagram has cooperated with the growing audience and has continued to keep it active. Many successful online businesses are running solely on Instagram. When you are running a… Keep Reading

Bitcoin cryptocurrency
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The truth about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for beginners

Cryptocurrency is starting to become a defining factor in today’s economy as more people are driven by interest and the prospect of profit to this relatively fresh way of conducting trades and exchanges. But before you set out to find yourself some regulated Bitcoin brokers, you should know a little bit more about Bitcoin and… Keep Reading

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