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instagram marketing
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How Instagram is Changing the Way We Travel

Visual social network Instagram is a feast for the eyes – particularly for those who love traveling. The platform now has more than 1 billion active monthly users, who post more than 100 million photos each day. And a large percentage of those photos are travel-related. Each day, users are treated to photos of dramatic… Keep Reading

kim kardashian instagram
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How to Get 100k Instagram Followers in One Year

On Instagram, 100,000 followers seem to be a magic number that says you’ve made it—you’ve successfully created a brand that’s recognized potentially nationwide. This is a goal of many small businesses, especially after they see webinars or blog posts from Instagrammers who claim to have earned that number in just a couple of weeks or… Keep Reading

Prague casinos
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How Prague Became A Hub For Europe’s Gaming Industry

Prague in recent years has become a hub for Europe’s Gaming Industry, home to a number of seminal events based on everything from smartphone apps, to online casino UK games and even major console titles. We’re going to explore and investigate, what it is about Prague that is attracting so many enthusiasts and companies to… Keep Reading

mobile app
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Legal Firm vs. Legal Aid App

According to LegalShield, roughly 70 percent of people use their cell phones to search for legal guidance. It’s a statistic that fits in neatly with those from other industries. Increasingly, people are relying on the technology in their own hands to find solutions to common problems. While it’s possible to use a browser on your… Keep Reading

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How IoT has Transformed the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing in IoT has become the core component for industrial transformation around the world. Experts are calling it the next industrial revolution (4.0) where the systems focus on the application of cyber-physical technology to track the physical processes and provide automated solutions based on analyzed data. Apart from consumer-based IoT applications, manufacturing in IoT has… Keep Reading

domain names
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How Artificial Intelligence is Improving the Web Hosting Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still making an entrance in the digital and technology field, but unlike virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), it has been widely embraced, thanks to its diverse uses and applications. Artificial intelligence is now applied in different sectors, including Human Resource, security and even in web hosting solutions. Top companies… Keep Reading

Antivirus software
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5 Powerful Safety Software Trends for 2018 (September Edition)

These safety management best practices are and will help organizations get on course with EHS regulatory compliance and more. The past year saw mobile integration become a big trend set to develop in the EHS and safety software implementation. Using mobile apps to stay not only connected with EHS professionals but also to remotely keep… Keep Reading

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