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google seo
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5 Clever Website Enhancements You Need to Rock in 2018

There are over 1.24 billion websites today. So, you really need to go above and beyond to get your website noticed. Continuous upgrading of your website is a must, but some enhancements are more effective for getting one over your competitors. The Best Website Enhancements to Make in 2018 1. Personalization Booster Personalization has long… Keep Reading

Bitcoin cryptocurrency
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Why Raiden Network Is Poised to Bring Scalability to Cryptocurrencies

Tens of thousands of optimistic investors are entering the cryptocurrency-world each and every day. Though a positive indicator for the blockchain community, as tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum, soar to astronomic heights, many serial technologists doubt the network’s ability to keep up with rising transaction volume. Popular cryptocurrencies must find scalable solutions that answer to… Keep Reading

kim kardashian instagram
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10 Instagram Automation Tools to Build a Massive Following

Instagram has immense power to make or break brands and influencers. For example, Halo Top Creamery increased online sales by 2,500 percent after growing Instagram followers, and the makeup company Anastasia Beverly Hills came to prominence only after the brand developed a large Instagram following. Brands and influencers interested in developing a large and passionate… Keep Reading

instagram marketing
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5 Tips For Boosting Your Instagram Audience

Instagram gained a lot of fame from being just another social media app to becoming one of the most important and biggest social media platforms. One of the reasons for Instagram being famous is that it is being widely used for content marketing. Instagram has over 800 million active monthly users who share around 40… Keep Reading

broadband connection
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Choosing a Broadband for your Business

Once you’ve started your own business and have got the basic setup ready, it’s prudent to invest in broadband for your daily business needs. You should consider the data requirements you might have and the type of broadband package that is ideal for your business. There are many types of broadband services and service providers… Keep Reading

google seo
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How Will AI Shape The Future of Search Engine Marketing

Where is artificial intelligence taking us and what do new search apps have to offer? In this day and age, one of the major appeals of the internet is its ability to give voice to anyone who can access it. However, with the sheer abundance of material now flooding the web at all times, one… Keep Reading

video games
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5 reasons to play videos games

Most people think that playing video games is unhealthy and a waste of time. That’s not entirely true. Though your friends will find it funny when you talk about playing games like happy wheels unblocked, developing a gaming habit could actually be beneficial to your health than you’d ever know. Here are five key reasons… Keep Reading

Cyber Security - Cyber Crime
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Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Company Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks have become one of the hardest to solve problems of our century. Unlike decreasing in frequency, they’ve managed to do quite the opposite. Malicious software created by hackers is becoming more and more dangerous as the people behind them find new ways to attack important content on people’s computers. Individual users aren’t the… Keep Reading

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SparkleCOIN Is Using the Blockchain to Make Cryptocurrencies Accessible to Everyone

Cryptocurrencies, along with the broader implications of blockchain technology, are poised to disrupt core pillars of our modern economy. By scaling adoption of these digital assets, we can sustain levels of accessibility, liquidity, and security that society has never before seen in a fiscal system. SparkleCOIN, a hot blockchain startup, is on a mission to… Keep Reading

Cyber Security - Hacker
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Cyber Security: What every small business needs to know

Small businesses, in recent years, are coming under an increasingly cyber-attacks. A look at the trend suggests that hackers are shifting their focus to small and medium-sized companies. This means your company has a higher chance of being attacked. According to a recent report, 43 percent of cyber-attacks targeted small businesses. Of these attacks, 48… Keep Reading

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